The Road To One Success…. My Life!

Hi Everyone!  

Hope everyone’s good and having a good life! Haha.  So I’m finally back here and giving a a bit of an overdue update. Monday and Tuesday had nothing really exciting to report except that Tuesday marked 10 months married for us… YAY us! Wednesday, I got my new web cam. This one works. So we’ll see how it fares out for the time being.   Thursday really nothing just like Monday and Tuesday.

Friday had an unexpected turn after work. Isaiah just picked me up, and we were on our way home. Isaiah was driving down Wharncliffe near by Paul Street (where there this spa place is located) and we got into a car accident.  This lady was making a dangerous left turn into our lane and slammed to us. Our front left lights are damaged and what not. We had to go to the police station to make a accident report, and then went to Violet’s house to call our insurance to file an accident claim. We find out Monday if our car can be repaired or if it’ll be a write off.  Note that our car is really old like 1990. So 17 years.  So we are going to be without a car for a while regardless of what happens.  If it’s a white off, we’ll probably get another car. Anyway, then we came home and changed and called a cab to the bank nearby my parents’ house, and then walked to mom & dad’s to get the Lexus (we had already called them when the accident occurred). We did our grocery shopping and then we decided to have a real late dinner at Boston Pizza.  By the way, we both are physically and emotionally okay.  It’s just a scary time to have been in.  Granted, not the first time I’ve been in one.  The first one was back in 1999 when I was 16 with my beginner’s license (G1) and was taking my jock shields driving school course that was held at my old high school after hours. One weekend, my mom and I were heading home from the old Price Club. I was on Hamilton Road (I forget the other intersection street) but there was this old Chinese restaurant on the corner. Anyway, It was green, and mom gave me the go ahead to go and I go and out of the blue, there was this blue van speeding down on the other intersection that had red light and no intention of stopping. I tried to move but he still hit us. We had the Audi at the time, and the whole front car was damaged.  Really emotional at the time and I didn’t have any driving practice for a month since the car was being fixed.  Anyway back to present day, I still have the Lexus as of right now but I have no idea how long I can have it but I am pretty sure it’s only for the weekend because my parents will need and have the use of the car for other things and Mom still teaches part time but that’s okay. We will make do. We’ve only had our red car since last September, and we were doing okay before the car came along. We’re just used to being able to go everywhere since September and we’re back to square one but I’m certain it won’t be for long being in our situation. I know we’ll either have our car fixed within a few weeks or a new car within a month or so. We’ll see how things go depending on what the insurance company says.

Another thing, I realized is that today’s the last day of March. April swings in tomorrow. Craziness.  I have so many events coming up!  I might be going drinking with Sarah and the girls on Friday. Evan (Sharmane’s baby) turns one on Friday as well, and she’s hosting a little party for him the next day that is Saturday at her house in Dashwood so hopefully, we’ll get our way there. I’m sure we’ll end up going with Violet or maybe I can request for the Lexus just for that day. That weekend is also Easter weekend. So we’ll have Easter dinner with my parents on Sunday night. It’s going to be nice having a long weekend: 3 days!  Somewhere mid April, I’ll probably have my next blonde dye (yeah, I still want to go lighter!!!) Later that month, I have this candle party to go to that’s being held at a friend’s house.  At the end of the month, I have an old guy friend coming down from Ottawa for the weekend, and going to hang out with him while he’s down.  May’s events are in talks. We may be having dinner at Michelle and Ryan’s house in Brampton on May 12th, which is also Mother’s Day weekend. It’ll be at our first visit at M & R’s so it’ll be interesting.  Originally, I wanted us to go away for a week for our one-year anniversary the last week of May/Early June but not going to happen as Isaiah just got a new job. We might be staying in a hotel here in London for our anniversary weekend though.  So we may have our week away later in the summer or just have a few weekend trips there and there.  We’re talking about one overnight stay in Toronto and one overnight stay in Niagara Falls (so one of them in July and the other in August most likely).  So there’s a lot hopping for the spring and the summer. Emily’s bridal shower in June and Emily-Anne’s ballet recital on Mom’s birthday! Don’t forget I turn 24 at the end of June!!!  July: Emily’s Wedding July 14. Nothing really for August yet but more events are going to pop up as time goes on.  I love how we are so busy, and having fun. We’re planning on doing beach trips to the Bend and other places and what not. So I’m hoping our car situation is sorted out really soon so that we don’t have to bug about using the Lexus (even though I love that car more than our current Nissan). Of course the girl cousin summer reunion in the Bend is in talks and hasn’t been scheduled for a weekend yet but I’m thinking June. We have to do it while Joey’s back in Ontario for her summer break! I love how we are doing it this year, because there may be a pretty good chance that I might be expecting next year and won’t be able to go drinking or anything crazy with my favorite cousins!

Okay. I’m thinking that this is enough rambling for now. More on our weekend and the days that follow after in a few days!  Enjoy your weekend, my lovely dear ones!




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