Springtime Smiles :)

Evening People!  

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! i had a pretty good one even though it was mostly low-key at home. i like those every once in a while!  so lets’ get you updated!

Thursday  night, I did some VS shopping. I haven’t done that for a while. I got two bra tops. See how that goes. One is a keyhole halter, and the other one is a padded camisole (both different shades of blue). It’s to arrive by April 12 but you know how it is with my orders. They’re always here like a week or so before the expected date. LOL. So I imagine, probably by the first of April… I cant’ wait!!!  

Friday comes rolling in. after work, i went shopping at Masonville with Isaiah. Got new sexy underwear, and a sheer earth green hoodie zipped shirt. As time went on, I ended up having a stay in night with Isaiah. I haven’t done that for a while (been going out a lot lately, who knew!).

Saturday aknocking! in the afternoon, we did our grocery shopping—now a weekly thing, instead of two weeks. It’ll take some getting used to! I napped late in the   afternoon for an hour and half. Nice! I love weekend naps! So super tired jules i was!Just hung out at home—cleaning (dishes, and just organizing place) and relaxing. Watched casino royale later in the night.  good movie!

Sunday peeks in. we did more weekend cleaning—made bed, vacuumed and dusted. later, Isaiah & I have a visit & dinner with my mom and Alex and dee (Dad’s away in Ottawa for bus. Conference). It was nice.  Isaiah and I got some hottubbing time so that was nice. We haven’t done that for a while. We were matching. lol. Me in my red bikini (which by the way, I’m thinking of getting another one from VS in a different colour in a couple months) and Isaiah in his red trunks. Sexiness! We played cards after dinner. “Jerk”. That game hasn’t been played for a while. Sometimes I was the president, and sometimes I wasn’t. fun times!

anyway, thats my weekend. more of this week to reveal soon. enjoy the spring breezes! hehe. today aka monday  was so beautiful!!! let’s pray for more blooms of warm and dry weather and bright blue skies!  hehe.

nighty-nite for now 🙂




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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