A Forever Garden

Hi People!

How’s March treatin’ y’all??? It’s been pretty good for me so far. Yeah, work’s bustlin’ again…. I wonder if it’ll be busy at all for the upcoming summer??? We shall see!  So let’s bring you to speed about my darlin’ lifestyle.

Sunday arrives, Isaiah and I did more spring-cleaning; went through the kitchen closets. Now it’s smaller and more organized with the totes that will make it easier on us when we move to our new house later this year whenever that is. Chores of laundry and dishes were completed. Later, we watched two movies which were Borat (we actually just rented that since it seemed iffy to buy it at the time, and we’re glad we didn’t) and the other one was the holiday that has Cameron Diaz, and Kate Wistlet starring in it.  I loved it. We bought that one actually. I have wanted to see that for a while, and I actually find it romantic. Heehee.

Monday steps in, and after work, I visited Mom at the house for a bit. Told me about about their cruise week. They brought me back a light blue Jamaica tank with two carribbean bath salts pack. Nice! Not much else is new.

Tuesday makes a splash! first day of spring 2007!!! Welcome! Bye-bye to winter! Bring on the warm weather, and blue skies! Start planning for the beach, baby! We purchase two movies, Blood Diamond (Leo Dicaprio)—haven’t seen that yet and Rocky Baloba (which was good!).

Wednesday has nothing too exciting, but Carol comes by for a while in the evening. Nice to see you, my long time best friend. Weather starts to brighten up a bit so that was wonderful.

Before I finish off this update, I am going spring on some Random thoughts:

You know spring means a lot of things: renewal; birth; love blooms and all that. Spring is actually my second favorite season (summer will always remain number one no matter what!!!).  Spring has always been a lucky season for love for me and will always be forever!  Anyway, when we were doing spring-cleaning today (Sunday), we talked about changing some things.  For an example: grocery shopping. What I mean is that for a long time now, we’ve done it every two weeks, but now we’re actually considering doing it every week. It’ll be a lot easier on us financially but also that we’ll actually be eating more healthier (as we both are trying to have really good bodies for the summer). Another thing that we’ve started is that organizing our place more and we will continue to have that process going when we move into our first house later this year.  When I mentioned the word, renewal.  When we come to our wedding anniversary each year, it’ll be like we’re renewing our vows again and again but obviously unofficially.  Everyday, I am reminded of how and why I fall in love with my husband. We met just about seven y ears ago, dating for about six and just about married for one.  He remains to be the same man that I fell in love with and got married to. I find that really comforting and amazing. We just click so well together, and I love how destiny has brought us together. I can’t really explain it much more but that’s how it is. I’m extremely lucky to have found him at 17 and married to him at 23. Anyway, back to spring-cleaning. I found something that I actually bought a while back. I just didn’t remember we had it. A new bedroom curtain that was actually red. I’m like yes. It’s pretty close to our bedroom colour scheme. So we changed it, and it looks great! Just like renewal!  

Anyway, so there you go!  Enjoy the rest of the week, and the weekend.  Wish March brings more lucky news for you guys to life! Life bloomin’ with sunshine is always welcome! Hehe.

Love ya all,




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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