Shamrockin’ Fun!

Hi Everyone!

Hope y’all have had a good week and good weekend so far!!! It’s been a pretty good week!  Read on to find out what went on!!!  

Monday was kitty-sitting day 1 at the Maitland house (parents and Alex had gone away). Have the Lexus until Wednesday night J Loving that I’m driving the car again. LOL. I miss that car! LOL. Was h ome for the rest of the night.  

Tuesday rolled around for kitty sitting day II –Shadow is out all day and all night (that kitty is unpredictable to come home!) but Mitts been so well! During the day, I had lunch at McDonalds with Jill and her kids and that was fun. Emily is still so adorable. She’ll be in kindergarten in September whereas Willy will be in Grade 1. Craziness! Jill and I caught up on stuff with the short amount of time we had, and we’re looking forward to the big girl cousins get together in the summer. Bring on Grand Bend! Heehee. Later, I saw Sarah & Tanya at Sarah’s apartment this evening for almost two hours. I got to see little Mercedes too. Laughing, crying, sitting and wanting to dance. Haha. Loving it!

Wednesday arrives and it’s kitty sitting day 3—Shadow returns home in the am and I made him stay home all day and all night. Mitts was out during the day, but she came home for the night so that’s good 🙂 Later, I had my hang out with Carol at my parent’s place. Helped her with another essay, and just chilled. .

Thursday had nothing much to report really. Just chilled at home in the evening after work.

Friday night enters as I went out with Carol to an irish pub by Masonville (Wick’s I think) to meet one of our high school friends, Michelle and her crew, but they ended up at Jack Astor’s instead (and we had no idea!) but ah well. We just hung out at the pub for a bit. We tried a new drink though… LOVE CONNECTION. It was pretty good.  It’s good to try new drinks every once in a while!

Saturday was finally here yesterday. It was St. Patrick’s day!!! The day of GREEN! Heehee! I got my nails done, and I couldn’t wait any longer to go blonde (I was going to go next week, sorry Diane!). Isaiah’s mom, Violet ended up doing my hair. So I’m much blonder than I was before. Not the exact shade I want but I’m getting close!  I’ll probably do at least one more dye or so… I’m thinking maybe after Easter or so. We’ll see!   I went out with Carol, Vivi (Carol’s sis) and Vivi’s crew of friends. We partied at 29 Park. But first we hung out at one of the friends’ house for a bit.  (I went to Carol’s first for to hang out and do makeup. I looked smoking’ hot!) All the girls put on those fake patty tattoos. Heehee. I had one on each arm. Haha. One was “Kiss Me, I’m Irish”. The other one said, “Irish for A Day”. So hilarious! I was the only one in bright green, everyone else was in darker green but that’s okay. I stood out for the night! Special!  Anyway, 29 Park was good, but like usual, it gets really packed and crazy about 11 PM or so.  We left about 12:30.  I only had three drinks. I wanted to get real drunk, but ah well. Next time.  I actually think other places like Thorny Devil are better. Not so ridiculously packed like 29. I know it’s because it was a special occasion night just like New Years, Christmas and what not. Anyway, I took pics, and look up in the album. It’ll have it’s own!

So that’s all the crazy and sexy update from Jules.  More to come later.  Enjoy your relaxin’ Sunday! Love you all!!!




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