Monday’s Monkey Business :)

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all have been having a great week so far! It’s only Monday right now, but it’s seems to be off a good start so far.  I want to get you all caught up from the last bit of last week and the weekend.  So here we go!

Thursday night, I bought the green top that I am planning on wearing for St. Pat’s weekend (March 17).  I also got a new blue bra that was on sale. Comfortable too! Love  shopping, and finding good things!

Friday night, Isaiah and I did our grocery shopping. Spent the rest of the night at home. Just having dinner together, and tackling more of spring cleaning around our place. We work together as a team, and i love Isaiah. He’s just does a good job of being interested in housework as I am. Surely, not’ a favourite job to have, but we’re in this together, for everything…all for love.  We’re so much in love, and it just keeps on growing more amazing every day.  Soon, one year married on May 27th 🙂

Saturday was all about doing more spring cleaning.  We cleaned the computer room, and one of the closets that had our wrapping/gift section in there.  More roomy now J  Later on in the day, we had a late lunch/Early dinner which turned out to be a swiss chalet takeout food (YUMMY!)  with my parents’ and Alex. We gave Alex’s birthday present early. Iit was an AG (American Eagle) gift card that he can buy whatever he wants.  Not long after we left, we attended Diane’s party at her new apartment. It was nice to see her and Jon and meet new people for a couple hours.  We would have stayed there longer, but I had last minute plans with Carol to just to hang out. So we went home, and Carol came over. Nice to see her.  Can’t wait to party with that hyper chick on Saturday for St. Pat’s fun! LOL. We’re gonna be green hotties. Haha.

Sunday rolled around and in the afternoon, I had a visit with Emily for a few hours here. It was so fun! I hadn’t seen her for a quite a few months now. We just caught up on bunch of stuff, and took pics and had some dinner together. Emily is finally getting married this July to Graham.  I can’t wait for her wedding day. She’s going to be such a beautiful bride!!!  Yeah. July 14th.  We might be able to see each other again in May. We’ll see. If not, definitely July. I’m not going to miss her wedding for the world. She currently lives in Toronto with her fiancé but her parents are here and the wedding is here in London. Yeah.

So that’s all that’s new.  More craziness to fallow in a few days.  Enjoy the rest of the week and party like crazy on the weekend! Haha.  Keep reachin’ for the stars 🙂

Love ya all,




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1 Response to Monday’s Monkey Business :)

  1. Micaela says:

    Sounds like you have a lot of fun things going on. Have a great St. Pattys day with Carol!!

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