The Message In the Snow!

Hi Lovely Peeps!  

Hope you all are enjoying this week so far. March’s pretty good despite the weather still hanging around. (The groundhog definitely lied!) I hate that.  I want to spring to sweep in, and brighten up all of our days with warmth and sunshine! I ove those gorgeous days where it’s all blue skies, sunny, and dry, and warm. Haha. Even more motivated for SUMMER!!! The season where things rock like there’s no tomorrow, and i kno we are going to have fun celebrating our 2nd summer being married!!!  I am even thinking about my birthday, June 30th. It lands on a Saturday this year, and i’m stoked about that, which means, I will probably have more peep come out to celebrate ME! I can’t wait. I haven’t figured out exact plans yet, but I know I want them figured out soon, so I can book reservations for clubbing (Yeah, the only thing I’m not sure yet is if I want to have dinner with just my husband or have people over for pre-drinking fun). I’ll know eventually!  Anyway, time for new dibs!

Sunday was great.  I had a HUGE sleep in.  Woke up at 9 only to stay up for an hour and half then retreated back to bed and slept until 1:30 PM.  Heehee. Loved that. Later that night, Isaiah and I had dinner with Violet. We didn’t do anything after since Scott was absent. So we had the rest of the night at home. We gave our kitties some catnip on their scratching post, and they went NUTS! Heehee. Love it. It’s fun to see how they react, and of course they had a good time too!

Monday night, I was @ Carol’s after work, helping her with her latest essay, and hanging out. It was fun to see her. Love spending time with you hunnie! 4 hours! Love it! Decided that we will go out for next Saturday (St. Pat’s). Need to wear something green (got a top in mind that I want to buy, and have). Mind you, I don’t usually wear green but I know I do look good in it.  The one that I am thinking of is similar to the white top that I wore to Thorny Devil’s back in January (when I was with Sarah and her girls). Yeah, exactly like that except the change in colour.

Tuesday brought on no excitement. I just worked until 5:45. Just walked home and made a little stop at Shoppers downtown before it closed. However, I noticedsomeone that I know in the paper in today’s section. Amanda Stan. Proud of you, woman!  

Today is Wednesday. Hump day. Haha. Not really.  I saw Mom & Jon (Di’s BF) at work; nice to see them both.  Tonight, we have been cleaning of the house together. Organized some stuff (still tons more to do but we’ve accomplished some and did the dishes). I think sometime next week, we will finally have some wedding pictures hanging up on our wall, and other stuff like the dolphin pic from the Dominican  (months ago!) and all that jazz! I can’t wait! Mark and I just briefly talked about our next visit. It may be possibly happenin’ in April. That would be awesome! Hehe.

Anyway, that’s all the chillin’ news. More to come on the weekend, probably.  So enjoy the rest of your weekend, and party out your life on the weekend. Keep on smiling! Everyone’s a star in their own way 🙂 

Love ya all tons,



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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