Welcome March 2007!

Hi Everyone!

Hope y’all had a good week, and most of a good weekend (still not done yet LOL). So you rang for an update? Alright, you have your wishes granted.

However, Not a whole lot happened from Tuesday to Wednesday.

But!!! March began today aka Thursday. Welcome to March 2007!  There’s a lot of exciting stuff going on for this new particular month. Visits with certain people that aren’t currently living in London, my little brother turns 15 (Very craziness; Favorite memory of him at 2 drinking tea with all that curly hair and having this obsession of playing hockey), the new tradition of Daylight Savings time which now begins the 2nd Sunday of March (and runs until the first Sunday of November). Old Tradition was 1st Sunday of April and last Sunday of October (I recall this so much because it was mentioned a lot in HS geography). I love it because then we have extra four weeks of longer sunshine and that totally rocks! Of course, March always brings St. Patty’s day. Also spring begins on the 21st, and of course on the 27th, we’ll have been married for 10 months. Getting so close to our one year. It’ll be here in no time. Heehee.

On Friday, I ended up seeing Carol for a bit after work. She came here for a change. Just to catch up and talk. It was nice to see her. I love you! I’ll see her again on Monday nite, this time at her house.  Anyway, I just relaxed for the rest of the night. 

Saturday was yesterday.  I slept in until 10:30 AM. I went to Masonville mall mid afternoon (3ish) with Isaiah. We got Alex’s birthday present (won’t say what it is…. However Alex will receive it next weekend as he will be turning 15 on the 12th). I also purchased some clothes (3 casual tops and 1 sexy one). Isaiah got some workout shirts for the gym, and some socks (I got more socks too).  We purchased some DVDs before heading home since I had chosen that we would say in tonight since I was feeling sick.  Runny nose all day I tell you. I wanted to recover by staying in for the night. Just online stuff and watched a couple movies before retiring to sleep.

Today’s Sunday. I’m going to save today’s news for the next blog.  I will say one thing though. I’m still recovering. I’m hoping that I would be better for tomorrow.  We shall see!

Okay.  So there you have the update.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend of what’s left of it. LOL.  Take care of yourself, and soon, the wintery weather will be gone and warm weather will return. I can’t wait!

Love ya all tons,




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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