February’s Disco Ball :)

Hi People!

Hope everyone had a good weekend.  I really had tons of fun. I totally being the social butterfly on Friday and Saturday nites!  You’ll get the update momentarily. So  yeah, just a really great weekend!  I have got tons to look forward for March. It should keep spicing up my life! LOL. Anyway, I will get to the new stories now!  

Friday was my night out with Carol (and Amanda). Hung out at Carol’s for a while. She did my makeup. I looked hot! LOL. Thanks sweetie.  Carol: You’re now my makeup chick! Hehe. We did tried out some salsa dancing at the courtyard pub. It was okay.  Afterwards, we went to Old Chicago’s. Oh that was so FUN! Old Chicago’s interesting. I’d love to go there again. Hehe,  I had such hot moves, and I was making Carol laugh (and yeah, I was drunk). Oh the memories. I wish I took more pictures (I did take some but not when we were dancing or when we left the bar).  Next time for sure!

Saturday consisted of being a mother/daughter day with my mom. It was fabulous. One thing that we planned to do didn’t go according to plan, which kind of sucked, but we had lunch together afterwards. Went to William’s Café on Wellington. Then we checked out Home Outfitters (I still need a new red sexy curtain for our bedroom but I’ll be more successful next time).  Then I went to Pier One. Lots of hot new stuff there. There were some chairs on sale. So my mom brought one home for Alex’s bathroom (I miss that gorgeous bathroom and shower!) and I bought two of those chairs. So now there’s a place for people to sit when taking on/off shoes in the entrance way and the other one is upstairs in the living room (extra seating). Those chairs are nice actually. Later thatnight, I had my fun time out at Thorny Devil with Tanya. We had a blast. We were there from 10:30 PM until 2:00 AM dancing away. We did some drinking. I didn’t get drunk as planned (I was more drunk Friday night LOL). Tanya knew some guys (and one guy we recognized from the last time we were there with Sarah back in January) so I got to know some of them.  They’re all interesting LOL.  Isaiah was just awesome dropping us off/picking us up.  Pics up in the thorny devil album (I’m in a pink top this time! )

Yesterday was Sunday. Nothing really exciting. We were going to check out some Open houses today but we decided to stay in all day and all night. We’ve both been out the last two nights. You know about me. Isaiah had poker night Friday and then had pretty much a full day/evening with the guys.  So we need some time together before the weekend ends.  But I am really loving’ my life as I am living it to the fullest.  Later on in the evening, I watched most of the Oscars on TV with Isaiah.  Happy to hear that the Departed won some since we had seen the movie a couple weeks back and thought it was really good. So it really deserved it (and I still like Leo but not so much in the way of an overboard teen crush as it used to be!)

Monday is today.  Just stopped by the clinic to get more BC after work. Nothing else out of the ordinary.

Random Thinking:

¨      We’ve decided that for our two-year anniversary or around then in 2008 (next year), that instead of returning to the Dominican, we will travel to California instead. We’ve both never been there and I’ve dreamed about being especially in LA for many years.  It’s so beautiful, celebrities, gorgeous weather and so much more.  I HAVE to see it for myself. Alex and my parents had an unplanned trip for a week to California for hockey camp last July in LA and I got so jealous.  It’s the one place I have not traveled to yet but I will make this dream come true for 2008 no doubt! I’m excited about it already. Something new, and we wouldn’t have to travel as far as the Dominican.  So we will make sure to have some funds put away this year and next year for this big vacation until we have a week that allows us to go away (I prefer to go in May or June) and I don’t care if I’m pregnant already or not. Having another dream trip is important before kids officially become part of our marriage. We both love to travel, and even when we have kids, we will still continue to explore new places  (as long it’s at least once a year and make sure that we have the funds and passports for it).  We’re still young, married and about to take on so many challenges of having our first house and kids but that doesn’t stop us from trying to be successful in traveling. That’s something I grew up with. I grew up traveling with my family and I want to continue that tradition with Isaiah and our kids as well.

Anyway, that’s all now updated with my socializing part of my life. Wish you all a wonderful week and the coming weekend. I can’t believe March begins on Thursday! Crazyness!  Alright. Enuff for now!

Hugs to All,




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