Jules’ Fun Potion :)

 Hi Everyone!!!

Hope y’all having a peachy wonderful week. I seem to be as well. It’s my crazy and beautiful life. LOL. Lovin’ being married. Can’t believe it’ll be 9 months on the 27th. Crazyness!  Anyway, so you called for new jules ‘drinks’? Hehe. You got da dish!  

Sunday was all about several things.  I drove Isaiah to work early in the morning. Later that morning, I had a lovely visit with Mark Hedden for an hour and half later this morning. It was nice. Played cards, talked, and etc. Can’t wait for the next visit, whenever that may be (maybe March… we’ll see!).  Afterwards, I made a  laundry/ Visit at Mom’s (since our washer/dryer at our place is currently not working. Sucks!) It was a nice afternoon with Mom. Caught up, and made plans for during the day this coming Saturday. Plans seem to be as follows: Wal-Mart with pictures, lunch, and shopping for Alex’s birthday. (You’ll have to wait and see what you get, Alex when it comes March 12. Can’t believe Alex’s turning 15!!!) . That evening, Isaiah and I had dinner with Isaiah’s parents (my in-laws) was great. Food was great, and played one round of cards.

Monday  and Tuesday provided no excitement whatsoever. Not surprising here.

After work on Wednesday, I got my nails done. My nails feel so prettified now 🙂

Thursday is today. Tonight, we went grocery shopping. Our grocery store is displaying easter stuff already, and it’s not even March yet. LOL. Ah well. It was fun to look at those things. Of course, we did get the food we needed to get though!  Once back home (after unloading groceries into our fridge/freezer), we made dinner together—lemon &almond chicken with baked potatoes.  MMM! Good stuff. It’s not always, that we make dinner together. It’s either that Isaiah makes dinner for us or we make our own food individually. It really depends on our mood and what we are cravin’ for! You know? On the agenda of course, was my show of CSI as usual. Love it.  Can’t wait for next week!  

So that’s all of the jules dish as of late. Enjoy your forbidden fruit drink. LOL. Hehe. More to come in a few days. Enjoy the rest of the night, and the comin’ weekend. I’ve got lots planned. It should be fun. I’m definitely going to enjoy myself and the company that I am going to be with as well. You’ll have to wait to find out what happens! What a tease! Haha!

With Love,




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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