Saturday’s Snow Beauty! :)

Hi Peeps!

Hope everybody had a good week and having a super weekend so far. So you rang for new dibs? Well you get your wish! I’m the genie. Haha. Here we go!  

Wednesday was "Our First Married Valentine’s Day" (2007) JIn the morning, I received a big red hearty pillow that has Angel written on it. So cute J and some sweetheart candy. Also, I got my 12 red roses at work from Isaiah. Heehee. Later on in the evening, dinner at Waldo’s on King was fabulous. We went for 8:30 in the evening as reserved and were there for a good hour. Lovely food, and we had a good time. It’s always nice to try new food every once in a while. We were discussing how we should have real nice dinners every once in a while, along with special occasions like holidays or birthdays or our anniversary. So maybe, every couple months or so. We’ll see. We have to have the funds, but it’d be absolutely awesome to have hit up a few new restaurants together by the end of the year J

Thursday rolls around and nothing really happens. Just my TV show of CSI.

Friday nite arrives, I went to White Oaks Mall with Isaiah. Got some new shirts and Isaiah got a couple things himself. We got a couple new DVDs, The Departed and Little Miss Sunshine.  We ended up watching The Departed and actually it was really good (even though it was a LONG movie). Sometimes when I pick a DVD of my choice, Isaiah either hates it or likes it or somewhat in between. For the Departed, he really enjoyed it. The movie had my former celeb crush of Leo Dicaprio.  I still like him, but not overly obsessed about him like I used to be when I was in high school.

Today’s Saturday. I end up doing house chores (so glad that’s caught up and place being so spotless now) and lazy afternoon was spent too.  Later, Isaiah and I made a small stop at  Blockbuster. After, I decided that I am going to have an stay in night with my husband.  We’ll see how the rest of the night goes! Just going to watch a movie or two and go to bed probably. 

Before I end today’s update, I bring you some random thoughts. Read on!

¨     We talked more about our upcoming one-year anniversary of being married. We find that it would be best for us considering that we’re looking to buy a house this year that we don’t go out of the country. However, we most likely will return to the Caribbean for our two-year anniversary next year. However, we still want to go away for a week around our one-year anniversary this May provided that we remain in Ontario so we talked about the possibility of going to Collingwood. I haven’t been back there since I was 18. So it’s been years already and it’d be great for my husband to explore a new city whereas I have been there tons of times growing up. My parents have a timeshare condo there so I talked to mom already about it, and she’s going to see what she can do. They usually have a week banked around my birthday/Canada Day week but exchanges sometimes can happen. I hope that my mother’s able to get their week exchanged for our anniversary week (May 26 to June 2) so that we can just go ourselves and have a good time! Please pray for us! If we do go, I hope that we’ll get the fabulous weather that we had for our wedding day and honeymoon week last year.  So basically, Collingwood isn’t confirmed just yet. However, if that doesn’t work out, we will consider other places in the province to go for a week. But it’s exciting to talk about it, and planning it months ahead is just like us. I remember how we planned our 3-year dating anniversary weekend getaway for Grand Bend/Goderich. It was beautiful! 

Anyway, that’s it for tonite. More to follow in a few days.  Enjoy the rest of the weekend of what’s left. Hehe.  

Yours Always,




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