February Bliss :)

Hi Everybody!

Hope y’all enjoyed your weekend and lovin’ the new week so far! I had a fab weekend, and my week’s been peachy so far. So continue to drink up the new jules juice below .

On Saturday, I Went shopping @ Masonville—got a new blue AG sweater (just like the red and the yellow that I got a while back) and Glow In the Dark JLO cologne (I love it. Such a nighttime sexy smell!). Also, I got a valentine surprise for Isaiah (but he won’t get it until Wednesday). That night,  I ended up going out with Carol and her cousin, Tania to Tap House at the last minute.  I was only was there for about almost two hours.  Left early due to issues. But I still had a good time there and great pics were taken! Check them out in the winter album. Heehee! Oh, I also saw Jason…. i went to highschool with, and his sister is an ex-girlfriend of one of the guys.

Sunday night was all about having dinner and visit with my parents, Alex and his friend Scotty. We also watched a movie, Little Miss Sunshine that was really good too.  Isaiah and I may do our next house hunting with the open houses that are usually done on the weekends. So we may go to a few on the coming weekend. We shall see!

Monday, I worked until almost close .It was a crazy Monday at work. Patricia was absent (home sick). Back home at night, I was  working on university stuff that would suggest allowing me to return for the coming academic year. Please keep sending down positive vibes. It would be generous for me to be able to graduate next spring.

Tuesday is today.  I ended up staying at the office until 5:30.  Crazy snow coming down. Seems like we are having a snowstorm tonight.  I wonder how much snow we will have by morning. It sucks though, the next day being Valentine’s Day, but ah well. We are still going out to dinner as planned because I don’t want to miss it for the world, and it’ll actually be the first time that we’ve actually GONE OUT to dinner for Valentine’s Day, because the previous ones that we’ve celebrated have mostly been at each other’s houses, and just having a low key dinner and or a movie. Maybe we have gone out to dinner, but nothing really fancy. I know that every time, I get flowers from my husband and my dad. :). Anyway, sending you early valentine wishes to you all… Hugs and Kisses all around!

More life craziness to follow in the next few days.  I can’t wait for spring… one more month! I’m sick of winter lol. It’s never really been a favorite. As everybody knows, I am in love with SUMMER. My favorite season of all time!!! That’ll be here in no time 🙂

Enjoy your night. Stay safe, and warm, and be careful out there for the rest of the week…. To those that are in school, best of luck with midterms!!!! Have faith and you will do well!!!

Warmest Wishes,



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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