The Dare to Dream :)

Hi Peeps!

Finally, the weekend has arrived. Hope you all have fun things planned to keep your life spiced up…life’s too short not to celebrate so live on that motto! Hehe. Also that I hope you all have had a good work week of school, work or whatever. 🙂 I’m here to send some cheery vibes! So read on to hear about what’s new with me!

Monday was just monday. Not really too exciting of news to share. So blah!

Tuesday perked up a little bit. Nothing too exciting. Worked until 5:30. Just was up very late. Had to pick up Isaiah from work at 12:30 A.M.

Wednesday was a fabulous day! I tell you why!  While I was at work, I found out I got a raise… a dollar more than what I am making now. So totally made my day! Also during my time at the office, I was finding out about a house I may like, and requested that Isaiah and I see it tomorrow night. We shall see. I ended up working until close by choice but it was great to do that. I don’t do that a lot so worth it. Later that night, Isaiah and I made reservations for our v-day dinner date at Waldo’s for the 14th. 8:30 PM. Set menu deal. We had this similar outcome for our honeymoon dinner. So I can’t wait for this night. It’ll be really amazing!!!!  

Thursday night was all about…having our first house hunt. Liked the place, but not enough to buy it even if we wanted to. We are just looking at the moment, and having an understanding what we want and like and things like that.  It’s going to be a while until we find one that we are in love with and can live in it. I’m glad we got to have our first showing though because it helps us understand the process of things and get the ball rolling. I think for our future hunts, we will be going to open houses that happen over the weekends, and will narrow down the choices more, and have some guidance from my parents who have forever experience with real estate. Even though I’ve spent just about 9 years working in real estate as a receptionist/admin assistant, I still have no idea what goes on with the process of what realtors do with clients outside of the office so that is a new area of learning for me and also for my husband.

Friday aka today. I actually had the day off work. Had a bit of a sleep in and then I went to the university to find out what I have to do to make my official return to being a “student” again after nearly two-year absence (well it’ll be exactly of that in August as to when I finished my previous course). Turns out they said that I have to send a part time admission to Guelph (but at least it’s less fee than a full time student) and write an appeal letter to the dean at the university (nothing new, I had to do that for when I was on probation in the last year I was schooling for as a student). So I’m going to work on those things this weekend and have them sent off on Monday. They suggested the earlier the better especially if I want to begin my return with summer courses, which makes sense. So please keep sending me good luck vibes as I will really appreciate the support, and I will keep you all posted on the university status. If Kings/Western grants my return, then I will have to take another day off (which is no big deal at all) to see the academic counselors to pick out my final courses and hopefully I will be able to this through the distance studies way and the rest of all that jazz. **Fingers crossed**.  It would make me so happy if I was able to return because then I know I will be able to complete my goal that has been in my heart since my first year of high school to have gone to university and graduate with a BA degree. Get me really excited and serious about doing well and graduating in the spring.  Anyway, after I was done at the university, I got some grocery shopping done earlier than expected. See I thought, it’d happeninglater in the evening or even tomorrow, but I figured since I was at the university, the grocery store wasn’t too far away so may as well do it while I’ m still in the area!). And just been having a relaxing night. 

Anyway, that’s just what went on with me for the last few days. It’s been a good week and sure will have a good weekend as well. We shall see what happens and I’ll have more to report back later.  Enjoy your weekend, People! 





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