Beauty & Magic of Jules

Hi Everybody!!!!

Hope y’all had a great weekend. It’s been a pretty good one for me! So i bring you more updates of your lovable Jules and her life!

Thursday rolled in a new month. It was the first day of February! That night, I was at the  Knights Game at the JLC!!! Fun times with Isaiah, Diane and Jon. The knights beat Guelph Storm! Whoo-hoo! 7-6!!!  Took pics of course! I also saw Heather, a friend from HS and was on the swim team with me working there and so it was nice to see her and got a pic with her too!

Friday arrives and I got my nails and eyebrows done right after work (feel so more beautiful now not that I already am naturally) LOL. . Then picked up Isaiah, and went to best buy to get some movies, and check out the new vista… I like it, but Isaiah still prefers XP.  He wants to get a MAC computer eventually (and so do I, but now I seem to support more of Windows now.)… We’ll see. I want to get rid of my desktop computer and get me a new laptop so that not only I can use it here, but also at the university should I be back there for summer/fall-winter terms. Then I think we’re thinking of just having one brand new family desktop computer for Isaiah and I to share next year after we have gotten our house. We’ll see.

Saturday was all about going back to blonde day!  It turned out not to be super ultra light, as I wanted to be, but since I had dark hair to begin with; the results were to be different. I am lighter but not beach blonde yet (think strawberry blondish). I think it’ll take me at least two more dyes for me to accomplish the lightest blonde I want and that’s okay. The next dye has been scheduled for Easter Weekend. Then if it’s still not blonde enough for me, the last one will probably happen the first week of June.  Thanks Diane for helping me with the dye. You did a fabulous job! Love you tons! We also did some hanging out too… watched two movies, and grabbed some food out too. Thanks for spending the afternoon with me, Diane! . Ordered my photos online via the Wal-Mart site, picking them up tomorrow aka Sunday. I did that so that once I have picked up my photos, then I can finally delete the pics on the camera to free up some memory so that I can take more pictures!

Sunday is today. Just a lazy day basically. Picked up  my photos that were ordered online last night at Wal-Mart and got some other stuff from there too. Did some Housework and had a nap (I seem to like having those on Sundays!)  So that’s it so far.

So, you shall have more february roses comin’ your way soon. Until then,enjoy the rest of your evening and enjoy the coming week!

Hugs & Kisses,




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