Freedom & Happiness…..

Hi Everyone! Here I am again… updating… my crazy and beautiful life. Happiness all around!!! Anyway… traveling back to the weekend up to present day.  

Saturday marked us 8 months married…. Can’t believe May isn’t so far away now for our one-year wedding anniversary. Craziness! Anyway, we went to have our car looked at because lately, we’ve been hearing weird things and we thought we better get it checked out before things got worse so glad we did. Some things needed repairing and what not. It was more expensive than we thought, and it too longer than we thought it would be but hey whatever. We like the company that looked at our car. They took their time and were very through, and informed us on everything and what to watch out for the next little while. We’ll definitely be going back to them in March when we have our next oil change (that wasn’t the problem though).  Afterwards, Grocery shopping as it was due for us to get more. Fridge nearly empty LOL. Then… Early night to bed.  

Sunday… girls day!!! Visit with Sarah and Mercedes in the afternoon at Sarah’s apartment. Tons of fun. Got to play with Mercedes a lot; took pics of Mercedes, Sarah and myself. Next time, I’ll have them both over here (and Sarah hasn’t seen my place and I’ve been in here for like almost two years now). Later  had a visit with Carol in the evening that was fabulous. Picked Carol up and went to hang out at Chapters for a bit and then did more hanging out at Carol’s before heading home. Carol missed me (and it was the same way. We needed to see each other before the weekend was completely over!). .

Monday rolled around and got Knights tickets from one of the agents at the office while I was at work. Attending the game on Thursday night with Isaiah, Di and her boyfriend (and whoever from the office shows up). It should be a fun night on Thurs! Dropped by No frills for a few things that we forgot to pick up when we did our groceries on Saturday.

Tuesday had me workin until close—busy day at the office.  First in a while. Not much else new there.

Wednesday is today/tonight and btw, the last day of January… can’t believe february begins tomorrow! Earlier today, I saw Mom at the office; had lunch with dad that was nice. When I got home, I was making a decision to take a day off next week (most likely Tuesday or Wednesday) without pay to go to the university to get things rolling with my upcoming return as a student so that I can finish my final classes and graduate next spring.  Being a Western grad has always been a personal goal since high school and always will be.  Even though my BA degree will take me nowhere in women’s studies basically, I still treasure that I will have graduated by my standards and proving that I can still do anything and that also will give my future kids to go to university themselves when they get to that point.  Not much else. Still lovin’ facebook. A close friend from hs  just joined and i love it that she’s on there now. More friendships reinstated. We used to hang out a lot in the early years of our jaguar days.. specifically three years, and sort of rejoined at grad but lost touch as we went to our seperate university ways.  Now, we’re talking again and loving it!

Here’s some other Randomness of Jules to share:

¨      Thinking about making it like a once a month thing to go out clubbing until May. The summer (May to September) would probably have much more frequent clubbing nights along with celebrating one year of being married, and my birthday.  I want to have more clubbing memories this year… I say this because as we are going to be trying for a baby in the spring next year and I won’t want to be out much when I am expecting. I know… lots of baby thoughts lately, but what can you do…. I’ve been on birth control since I was 18 (even though I was already sexually active at 17) and there are times where I just want to screw bc but i know that even though we’re now married, we are still aren’t ready for a baby just yet. I want to have our first house in place and at least have just graduated from Western first then we can go ahead and be parents.

Anyway, there’s all there is for tonight. More to come in few days. JLC here I come tomorrow LOL… Night! 

Hugs & Kisses;



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