Daisy Saturday!!!

Hi Peeps!

Hope everyone had a good week and having a good weekend so far as well!!! It’s been a steady week.  I had a good end to my work week though LOL.  You’ll see later on in the blog about that.  Time to up date. So here we go!

On Monday,Tammy II drops by the office (it’s been forever since we’ve seen her. She left Sutton in September for another job, Bank of Montreal I believe).  

Tuesday morning, I got my new device from UH… I really hope that nothing else happens for this. I need to have a full year of no troubles so that I can get the new technology, Freedom next year.  So many trips to UH the last few months, and that shouldn’t have happened.  So I’m going to make sure, and take care of my precious hearing device really good and keep it out of reach from our two little kitty boys.

Wednesday rolls around. In the afternoon, I had my boring dentist appt with my mom—no cavities! Yay! That made me happy.

Thursday brought on barely any excitement…just a new episode of CSI. It was a really good one, and can’t wait for next week!  

Friday night was awesome… It started out later than originally planned (11 PM), but I still had my night out. I had a blast! I went to the Thorny Devil with Sarah and her crew! (No line up, Whoo-hoo!) I had a lot of fun. I took pics, and so did Sarah. Check them out. They are already up in their own album. Heehee, I got to show off my moves on the dancing pole too (snagged a picture of that too). Hotness! At the end of the night during the coat check line up to get our coats (yes, at 2:30 AM), there was this guy that kept saying that I was gorgeous and what not but he couldn’t believe that I was hearing impaired and he saw me dancing earlier. Nice compliment ;). Isaiah picked me up (I love my husband!), and we dropped off Tanya and Sarah before heading home.  I really like Thorny Devil (yes, my first time there) but it seriously should have a bigger dance floor and more poles LOL. I had an awesome time, and yes, I had a bit to drink, but not overly drunkenness as planned.  My feet hurt like hell (as I really found out when I got home). Although, I had to sit down for a bit towards the end of the night. I was wearing this beautiful white lacy top with my new pink bra, and my blue jeans.  Christine: I want to let you know that Sarah and I want to go out with you next time. The three of us need to PARTY together!!!

So that’s all.. you’ll get today and the rest of the weekend’s dibs later. Live it up to the fullest.  Keep on trunkin’….

Peace & Love,



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