Bright and Beautiful! :)

Hi Peeps!  

Hope You all had an enjoyable weekend. Just lots of snow came down. London’s definitely experiencin’ winter at last.

Thursday didn’t have anything exciting really. I was at work until just almost 5:30.. We watched a really ood episode of CSI!!! Can’t wait for next thursday’s show!

On Friday, I noticed while at work, that I have what’s called a hair/head pimple. How weird! I just found that funny, but I know it’s not that uncommon. It’s just the first time for me! I ended up working until 5:30.  Snowing like CRAZY in the evening . A bit of a white out too! Insane! Shortly after work, Isaiah and I went to White Oaks mall. I finally purchased a new sexy bra. A pink one! I love it and comfy.  I also purchased two hot sweaters (red and yellow) from American eagle (and on sale!).  So with those three purchases, I finally finished my gift card that I had received for Christmas. Took three bloody shopping trips on separate occasions, but it was worth the wait. I also got the Employee of the Month and decided to buy the game for Isaiah that he has hinted for so long that now it’s practically his early Valentine’s day gift that he got tonight (he’s even said that he’s okay with that… in return, he will get me roses and take me out to dinner to a restaurant of my choice for V-day!) J We watched Employee of the Month later in the night.  It was an okay movie. It had some laughs and what not, but I honestly think that Jessica did a whole lot better acting in her first movie, Dukes of Hazzard. She acted really well. Besides, I think when it comes to drama; it suits her better than comedy that is titled towards Employee of the Month. However, Jessica is in her 3rd movie, Blonde Ambition.  We’ll have to see how she’s like in that one. Of course, it hasn’t been released to theatres yet. I think it’ll either be out later this year, or early next year. While I love Jessica exploring her new position as an actress, I believe she will always be best known as a singer and should stick to her roots of that. Even though she’s so drop dead gorgeous, she also has a beautiful voice.  

Saturday was very low-key which is also the same scenario for Sunday. Just a quick bank run and to blockbuster. We were home for the majority of the day and night. Very low key–just some housework and relaxing majorly.

Sunday was the same scenario as Saturday. Just home all day. Had a big nap in the afternoon. Hehe.

so yeah. there you have it. I hope to have more exciting news to share. I’m thinking about going outclubbing this coming weekend. we’ll see where the money’s at, and how i feel. I want to show off my sexiness though lol. and on feb 3rd, i’ll be back to being blonde. I’m excited about that. I cannot wait!!!

okay, so more juices to come in the next few days. until then, keep on having the time of your lives.  smile and party!!!

Love ya all tons,




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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