Thursday’s Happy Hearty! :)

Hi Peeps! 

Hope everyone’s having a good week thus far!  It’s been a good one for me from the looks of it!  So speaking of that, I will bring you up to speed now!

Sunday night was all about Isaiah and I having dinner with my family at my parent’s house and it was great. Everybody was over including Dylan and his GF, Sarah. We watched this global warming documentary by Al Gore. Very Interesting. It makes me hate President Bush even more (I disagree with many other things that Bush has done during his presidency). I strongly believe that Gore should be president for the United States of America! He would change so many things, and touch up on a lot of issues for the good. Gore would be an awesome president. (That’s just my view even though I’m not an American: P).  Seriously, other presidents/prime ministers from around the globe look upon US and we need to have a good president to give the world some good and positive changes in all areas of needs. 

Monday after work, something perked me up after a long day being the businness babe at Sutton. I had received my two new tops from Venus. Another online clothing store that is based in the US, Florida to be exact. I ordered it just before 2006 ended. I knew it would take some time, since I’m a new customer but anyway.  I love the new tops. One is burgundy and the other one is like hot pink. Isaiah even likes the tops. The tops have different styles! Rock on! *Smiles*  I realize though, I have stop my online shopping for a while. I have to bring my visa down even more before I buy anything else online! Besides I have enough tops to satisfy for me for a while anyway! So no worries for now J

Tuesday was blah.Nothing happened.. Sorry. Tuesdays don’t usually come out with awesome news.  It’s just the usual case!  

Wednesday night, I had some last minute plans made (that just occured just before I finished my work day at the office). I ended up going skating at Victoria Park for an hour with my hyper chick/best friend, Carol!!! It was a blast. Total fun. Took some pics. Already up in the album. Check it out. We may try Covent Market for our next skating fun whenever that is. After skating, we chilled at William’s Café for a little bit before ending our time together. 🙂

So now your brought up to speed of my daily highlights. I now bring you some Randomness!  I love face book. I’ve been a member of this international website that allows you to connect/reconnect with people such as your family, friends, co-workers, schoolmates and etc. I’ve been a part of the site since November. So I’m now connected with so many that the majority of them are those that I haven’t seen since high school and it’s amazing how friendships are lit up again! Smiles  There’s probably a bunch more that I’ll come to find as time goes by.  I love it.  

One other thing. I have decided to make the return to being blonde. It will take place on Saturday February 3rd.  As Marky says "that was a short jaunt of brunnette". Well, don’t forget that I was blonde for like forever and I miss it. I have more fun being light and you know it, that i’m a total summergoddess! I love the summer and i’m a June baby!  I do love that i experienced going back to a bit darker than my original roots but i just need to be blonde. No question there.  I liked how i shocked people for aw hile, and loving my cut. That’s the other thing, i miss my hair being longer. I’m getting there though. I would think by May, it should be back to the lenght that I heart so much! 🙂

Anyway, that’s all the news for now. Today’s updates and the coming weekend will follow in a few days.  Enjoy your Thursday! Keep reaching for the stars in everything that you do in life!  

The Lovable Jules


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