Scoop Of The Day!

Hello People!  

Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend. It seems like we are thus far. Today’s the 14th. One month until the universal love day, Valentine’s Day.  Of course, we celebrate our love everyday in million different ways though. Love is so beautiful!  Anyway, you rang for some new news? Alrightee, you got it!

I have to say though that Wednesday and Thursday didn’t have any excitement to share though. Sorry.  However, Friday finally brought in some joys!

On Friday night, Isaiah and I went on our hockey date. We were watching the knights play against Erie at the John Labatt Centre (JLC). We won. 5-1!!! Go Knights Go. We saw George and Kathy a couple rows down from where we were sitting. George took a couple pics of us. Wonder if we’ll see those shots soon!  After the game, we did our bi-weekly grocery shopping (the Superstore is always open until midnight). Before heading back to our place, we made a quick stop at my parent’s place to check on Mitts and Shadow (parents in Port Huron for Alex’s hockey tourney). I found them outside but all curled up in their own baskets (a Christmas gift from the family). They were ready to go inside. J

Saturday rolls around.  Isaiah spent the day with the guys. So while he was gone, I went shopping at Masonville. Got some new sexy underwear. Not only I’m a topaholic, I’m also a underwearaholic (only when it’s sexy in my sense). J After I was done my shopping at Masonville, I made a brief stop at my parents’ house, as they weren’t back from Port Huron at this point. Let Shadow and Mitts out, and filled up food/water.  Back home for the afternoon, I did some thank you cards for the agents finally (I’m slow!). Around dinnertime, I picked up Isaiah and we went on our movie date. We went to see Déjà vu at Huron Market Place and actually, the movie was better than we expected it to be. It was so good that we want to get it on DVD when it comes out! Rest of the night was spent at home… having some bedroom romance, and just curling up together watching more of CSI: NY that was a gift at Christmas. 

So there you have it. The new juicies of my crazy lifestyle.  I’ve been thinking about all the different places lately and making part of our travel list.  Micaela has gone to Vancouver with her boyfriend, Kent  for a while, Di spent Christmas/NYE week in Jamaica with Jon, I was remembering past summer moments in Hustville/Muskoka (i found a place online that would be possible for Isaiah and I to spend a weekend or even a week there this year if we can), of course I still have the dominican itch to return, Toronto (the last visit was in January 2004–way too long), Niagara, and etc. The list is very long, LOL.  No doubt. Of course, this can’t all be accomplished this year. We don’t have the funds for it.. We’re not Hollywood rich and plus, we really want to buy our first house this year. Babies will follow the following year. So, one thing at a time. I’m sure we’ll probably be able to do some day trips and maybe a couple weekends away, and I think that we should spend our one year wedding anniversary week some where even if it’s not back in the dominican. We’ll find something affordable with our funds to celebrate our married life.  

Anyway, that’s all the thoughts for today. Enjoy the end of the weekend ,and have a peachy start to the new week.  Keep on trunkin’!!!!

Love ya all,



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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  1. Micaela says:

    You know you are always welcome here and you have a place to stay!!

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