The Rose In Winter :)

Hi there, Everybody!  

Hope y’all had a good weekend and good start to the new week.  I’ve had a good weekend, and will share the nibbles of it in a moment.  I just want to mention that snow had finally returned at the end of the weekend, and I feel that it came too late. I wanted the magic of it to be there for Christmas weekend, and it wasn’t. We had that mildly warm and green Christmas. So snow really came too late now at this point. But it’s obviously good news for those that enjoy the slopes fun of skiing and snowboarding.  Anyway, back to my weekend, and partly of this week’s juicies.

Saturday was productive.  I got my nails done. I went shopping at White Oaks. Got a new white lacy top that I love, a new pink dress shirt for Isaiah (he’s proclaimed of wanting to own a pink one since Christmas since Dylan got one from my parents), some new funky rugs (a blue one for the living room, and a red one for my side of the bedroom floor), a surprise outfit for Mercedes for when I have a visit with Sarah next—hopefully within the next few days (it’s so adorable cute, I love it), and some personal care stuff. I really enjoyed my shopping time. I still have plenty of money left on my gift card that I received for Christmas. LOL.  Later, I was spending the evening with Isaiah at home. Just low-key.  

Sunday was a super real lazy day. Woke up at 11 only to fall back to sleep just after 1 PM to have a real long nap. LOL. The only thing I did between that time was to watch some shows on TLC. Later, Isaiah and I went to dinner and have a visit at his parents’ house. It was a nice time. Usually, we play cards after dinner but not this time. We did some karaoke. The in-laws purchased this new karaoke system and they wanted to try it out, so we did some singing. I actually had fun. I sung like maybe 8 songs. Some I did well, and others I did okay. The program gives you a score at the end of your song. So I was mostly in the 80’s and I had at least three in the 90’s. I want to do more singing. It’s fun. I talked with Isaiah after we left, that we should get our own system after we have purchased our house and have a big screen TV. We could have like a karaoke party where people can come over to have some drinks and do some singing. It would be one awesome night. LOL. Well nice to dream for now but I know it’ll happen eventually even if it’s a few years down the line to get a karaoke system.

Monday had nothing special to report. Just stayed at work until 5:30. However, on Tuesday night, I was at Carol’s helping her with some university stuff. Other than that, nothing else too exciting to share.

So there you have it. Enjoy the rest of the week and the coming weekend. While it’s looking like January weather-wise right now, but i want it gone. LOL. I am wishing that it was summer now so that I could go to the beach and tan LOL! Have a good nite, everyone!

Hugs to all,



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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1 Response to The Rose In Winter :)

  1. Sarah says:

    Sounds like you had an awesome weekend:) can\’t wait to see you and come do some karaoke with you when you get your house!! Love you tonnes, and i\’ll be home soon so we can get together then:)
    Love always,
    PS… Things are good again;)

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