The beginnings of my “2007” Universe :)

Hi Everybody!

Hope y’all have been enjoying the first few days of 2007! January’s crazy though. We have this this crazy mild weather meaning no snow .It really feels like spring (even though it’s not that warm yet).  We’ve been experimenting some rain though and of course some sunshine days.  Anyway, I want to let you know how my week’s been going. I’ve been social lately, and not spending so much time at home (besides my day off on Monday).

Sunday was of course known as New Years Eve 2007. The most exciting event to ring out 2006/ring in 2007 was being at 29 Park with my husband and my best friend.  We got there just before 9 PM and were there until practically 1 AM (taking forever to find my brother and his girlfriend to say hi before we left). It was an awesome NYE! I got to test out my favorite Christmas present, and take good pictures. I love it. Now, I can see pictures way before they’re developed! I’m going to use it for any picture opportunity that arises for this New Year. Carol and I were sexy divas. I finally wore my new black lacy top from Victoria Secret (and boy, I was hot!) and Carol had this new pinky top from Guess. The pictures are up in the album, so check them out. 29 were indeed a great place to party even though it was quite bit overflowed than normal for partying, but anyway.  I’m glad Isaiah and I went out, and before we went home, we dropped by to see Alan, Vic and Isaac @ Alan’s apartment after dropping Carol off at her house. Not sure what we want to do for NYE 2008 yet, it’s another 365 days away LOL. We’ll know more as we draw near to the end of 2007.  

Monday: First Day of 2007. It was spent as very low-key at home.  Took our Christmas tree down, and decorations, and did cleaning. We’re following Grandma’s advice of having a spotless place to start the New Year.

Tuesday was the first 2007 day at WORK! Getting used to my new desk area. I love it.  I see Carol for a couple hours in the evening. I love spending time with hyper chick! 🙂 

Wednesday although had really nothing to report i believe. So i think it was another night at home.

Thursday was all about being at Williams Café with Diane and Crystal for a couple hours to chat, and hang out in the evening.  I’m glad i got to see Crystal before she went back to Ottawa for her last grad school semester. It was a good time.

I tried to go skating, but didn’t skate much due to the horribly shitty weather of rain on Friday night aka last night. So afterwards,  Carol and I rented a movie, The Devil Of the Prada. It was a good movie.  

Anyway, not much else is new. I’m just going to celebrate 2007 to the fullest each day, no matter where I am or what I am doing.  Every year always gets better. I always try to top the previous year with something.  So this year would be buying a house or a condo and living in it. Really calling it OURS.  I can’t wait for that day.  I’m really looking forward to the move from our apartment when the time comes.  I’m anxious to decorate and paint, renovate and all that fun stuff.

Okay, so you’ll have more dibs of 2007 from me in the next few days. Enjoy your weekend. Celebrate it! It doesn’t matter if it’s low-key or really crazy! Have fun!



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