December’s Blessings!

Hi Everybody!  

Hope Everyone’s enjoying their last week of 2006! I am so incredibly amazed that NYE is actually tomorrow night.  I remember waking up on Jan 1st, still engaged, and thrilled for everything that was coming in our way this year. We’ve had an fantastic year so far. I will do an entry of our amazing year probably on Monday. I will tell you this much: 2006 will go out in a bang tomorrow with partying at 29 Park with my best friend in the entire world, and my husband.  I can’t believe I’m now MARRIED and have been for 7 months now!  Anyway, i know you called for some updates of what’s been happening with me. Let’s start with Tuesday!

Tuesday was in other words, Boxing Day 2006! The afternoon and the evening were spent at Violet & Scott’s with Violet’s side of the family was wonderful. We had a great time. I got more bonding time with Conner. Got to make him smile with “ah-boo” and “a-choo!” Little Brianna even warmed up to me and sat on my lap for a while we watched Ice Age. Little Ryan even hung out with Isaiah playing Mario Kart.  I took actually quite a few pictures, which I was happy about. I wasn’t as tired as I was on Sunday night for pictures.  These ones are still in the camera that I believe the film isn’t done yet.

Wednesday was an additional day off from work (office’s closed until Thursday).  I went shopping but i had terrible luck. Nothing really popped out at me. It’s rare that I come home with little or nothing. LOL. I’m a true shopaholic. I usually come home with a few new clothes or something amazing. I just only  got pictures developed, and I got a better digital camera than the one that Isaiah gave me for Christmas. It’s all good now though J.

I was back at work being the business lady and it was steady. Not much else. Went to this adult store, and bought a couple things LOL.  Probably do those things over the weekend. We shall see!  

Friday once again..nothing all exciting. Work was once again slow. My new desk area got put together, and I’ve requested a few new organizing items.  I like it. It’s fabulous. I can’t wait to use it in the new year!!!

Saturday is today! I spent this afternoon with my hyper chick aka Carol with shopping at Masonville and at Carol’s house.  It was fun seeing you, Carol! I can’t wait to see you tomorrow night to celebrate NYE 2007 together along with Isaiah and some of the girls.  I went on a shoe craze. Not dressy shoes… but boots and work shoes.  I’ve run into such situation and I had gotten a mall gift card for Christmas so I put some of that into use for those things. I’m incredibly happy with my purchases and got a short black mini skirt for tomorrow’s event, but I’m not sure if I’m really going to wear it. There was this gorgeous blue skirt that I was in love with at Le Chateau, but to my standards, it is .too long for me. I like to be a diva! Winks If It was short enough for me; it would have been absolutely PERFECT! I’d have a total pop of colour. Ah well. I’ll be a classy black diva tomorrow.  I have that sexy lacy top from VS to wear. I just don’t know if I want to still wear the black skirt I bought today, or wear black dress pants. I’ll figure it out tomorrow!

I have some other additional thoughts to share. Not so much revelant of this week’s events. Just near future ideas. Okay, here we go! On Christmas Day while hottubbing at my parent’s place, Isaiah and I talked about a little bit in advance of our first “Married” Valentine’s Day (2007). I would love for us to spend it in Toronto. We have realized the actual love day falls midweek, so we’ll either do it the weekend before or the weekend after.  I want us to rent a hotel room overnight, go shopping, have dinner at a real nice restaurant (I’m thinking the one at the CN Tower; I believe it’s called 360), see a play or a movie. That’s all we’ve talked Toronto-wise this far.  Of course, if Toronto falls through, we’ll obviously celebrate it here in London. Go to a really nice classy restaurant (similar atmosphere to Michaels on Thames), and maybe see something at the JLC.  But anyway, we’re going to confirm those romantic plans AFTER we’ve gotten through New Years Eve first.  We’re really excited about NYE 2007 right now. I’m thrilled we’re actually celebrating outside of our place this year and being at a club with my husband, my best friend, and apparently Dylan and his GF, Sarah. Should be a really classy night! Hehe. No doubt about it!

That’s all for now. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and make ringing into 2007 the most memorable NYE you’ve ever celebrated!!!!

Love ,



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