Christmas Dreams 2006!!!!

Hi Everybody!

So Christmas 2006 has arrived eh? Amazing how the year has flew by to get to this holiday season! Another 365 days to go for Christmas 2007!  Heehee. Anyway, you guys are due for updates. So I’m giving it to you now while I still have time to do this! 

Wednesday after work, I had my shopping night with Diane and my husband.  Shopped in the Masonville area.  Christmas shopping done!

Thursday night was all about the Christmas thing at Dylan’s place with Sarah’s family and my family.  It was interesting. Was there from 7:30 until 9:30.  I found out Dee & Sarah may be at 29 for NYE too (Carol, myself and Isaiah will be there for that night too!). So that should be very interesting! 

On Friday, I had an emergency UH appt in the morning. My earpiece device has been having problems still. So I went to get a new map and found out as well, that I should be having some new technology batteries too. So I ordered a new battery package from Toronto, but won’t be here until the first week of January. I have some from my audiologist to use until then.  However, I do hear better now, and my clearer speech has returned so I’m thrilled about that. Work was busy after my appt.  The back part of reception/admin area (where mine and Susanne’s desks are) is been renovated next week, so we were emptying everything out. I’m going to have a new location (just a different spot in the area). I’ll still have my computer and server/hard-drive) but I’ll have a brand new desk wrap with drawers and shelves. Should be interesting. I’m off work from tonight until Thursday. I work Thursday and Friday of next week.

Saturday rolled around.  I had some wrapping/bonding time with Mom in the afternoon at Mom’s house. Later in the evening, I did some awesome partying with Christine and the crew at Joe Kool’s was awesome. Hung out at Christine’s house beforehand and shared a cab with four of the girls. More of the crew met us at the bar.  Man, I got drunk. I love Christine and her friends.  There were more girls that I didn’t see at Christine’s birthday bash but I knew them like Megs (this girl was not seen in YEARS! She’s in Nashville now for Grad school); Shawna (I had a class with her in my 3rd year at Kings as well), and etc. Also, I got introduced to more guys and girls. It was GREAT time.  We were at the bar from about 10 until almost 2 A.m.  (Got home at 2).  I have three pictures from Christine already, but I took a few more from last night, but the film isn’t done so maybe by the end of the week. We’ll see.  Oh, I ran into Bobby Pluss (and even got to talk to him for a few minutes & got a picture taken with him). I went to high school with him but technically, I knew him through Christine (she used to date his best friend Alex). So that was great. I hadn’t seen Bobby in a year (ran into him at the Barking Frog when we were celebrating Carol’s 22nd last year). 

Sunday marked the day as Christmas Eve 2006! Just after lunchtime, we popped by Carol’s work to see her for a few minutes. I gave her NYE ticket for 29 and to wish her a Merry Christmas! Nice to see you babes!  For the rest of the day, the Bialkowski Family Christmas 2006 at the Maitland house was great.  I was TIRED ALL DAY though because of the late night out at Joe Kool’s with my girls and too much to drink LOL.  I had a little nap with Isaiah after dinner. It was great to see everybody though especially Jill and Michelle. I got to talk to Ryan (I adore him, he’s the guy I totally can relate to aside from the girl cousins) for a little bit. After the relatives left, Isaiah and myself went to the 9:00 mass with my parents and Alex.

Monday finally arrived as Christmas Day 2006! What a green Christmas! (We all expected that as the weather network predicted it).  It’s been a fantastic day. Spoiled rotten by my husband and with my family (and all of last week with the agents from the office).  We had our first “MARRIED” Christmas morning here at our place. Then later that morning, we were at Violet and Scott’s (Isaiah’s parents) for a couple hours to open presents with them, and then the rest of the day was at my parents until 7:30.  Isaiah and I had also done some Xmas hottubbing! We haven’t been in there since the summer, so it was great.  I got to wear my red bikini that I got from VS a couple months ago… sexy me! Heehee. I also took some pics with Alex, my parents and Isaiah by the family Xmas tree.  Dylan was already gone by the time I wanted to have pics taken, but ah well. I’ll get one of Dee and me on NYE. He’ll be at 29 with his girlfriend. (Isaiah and I will be there with Carol) It’ll be a good one anyway, because we’ll all be dressed up so we’ll be very pretty for photos!  Anyway, I finished the roll today. So I should hopefully get pics developed on Wednesday.  I did get a digital camera for Christmas, but it wasn’t the one I want to have (I never knew I’d get one for xmas, I thought maybe for my 24th birthday next June). So I should have a better one later this week, maybe.  It’s the thought that counts, so I really appreciate it (I’m just really PICKY when it comes to cameras). 

So there you go: The highlights of the past few days.  Christmas 2006 for us has not ended though. We still have to celebrate Xmas with Isaiah’s extended family tomorrow at Violet & Scott’s.  I’ve got Wednesday off, so I’ll be doing tons of shopping, and maybe seeing friends too. We’ll see how the day goes!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!  Hope you all had an amazing one. We sure did! First Married Christmas was successful!  Heehee. 




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