Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way!

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone had a good end to last week and the weekend. Christmas just literally around the corner eh? Hard to believe it and that we are very likely to have a green one instead of a white one like we have had the last few years. Interesting!  Anyway, i’m sure you all are dying to be caught up with my daily highlights!  So here we go!


Thursday had nothing special to report. On the other hand, Friday had some excitement. Tammy brings in Jasmine at work. Lovely surprise! Jasmine is almost a year old. Amazing. She’s off the bottle, and she walks.  She walked up to me.  I picked her up, but she didn’t want to stay on me for along. Jazzy loves her mommy!  Thanks for bringing her in, Tams. Jazzy’s so big now. She’s almost one!!!! Will be that in January!  Later that night, Isaiah and I did our bi-weekly groceries.  We’re now stocked up with food until just before new years! 🙂 

Saturday consisted of doing more    Xmas shopping—just stocking stuffers, and a couple long tee shirts for me.  As the night wore on, I eventually went to the Martini Bar with Carol for an hour and half to celebrate Carol’s end of exams. It was fun! Can’t wait to party with the girls next weekend!  12 bars of Christmas on Saturday (the 23rd!!!).  I also got an confirmation email of my VS order that it has been shipped! Hopefully by the end of this week, it’ll be here. It would be wonderful!!!! J

On Sunday, I made a small stop at Wal-Mart to get a gift for the girls @ work and a couple other things. It’s truly Xmas madness in the malls now. I’m one of the lucky few that still has patience.  My husband has zero patience for anything, but as long he’s with me, he’s stable (with my help LOL). The rest of the afternoon/evening was productive. I finally updated my photo albums (general ones, us together as a couple and the kittens!).

Monday night rolled around, and this was all about Best Friends Xmas 2006 at Carol’s house. Yes, the tradition is still there, after more than 10 years of being together as extremely close friends! . It was a great night. We exchanged gifts, watched last bit of a movie (what was that name again, Carol?).  It was good movie though.  Talked, and did some makeup fun (and took some pics!).  Thank you Carol for the gifts! I love them! Your so sweet!  

Sutton had its annual wine & cheese party on Tuesday aka last nite.   It was a fun night.  Only had a glass of wine though, and chatted up with some of the agents, and of course with my co-workers.

 So that’s all for now. You’ll get more merry thoughts next blog all about Christmas weekend, and everything else!  It’ll be the best Christmas weekend for us. It’ll be our first one married! *giggles*

So enjoy the rest of the week and the weekend.  I may do a blog on Christmas day.  We’ll see if I have time at some point!

Love ya all!



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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