Silver Wings

Hi Everyone! 


Hope you all are enjoying December so far!!!!  It’s very interesting month so far especially, with it being the last month of the year! So to the point, i’m giving you an update of my life.

Saturday consisted of doing some dishes, watched some movies, wrapped the gifts that I’ve bought so far for people (I was real busy for about an hour and half!). In the evening, I went out to dinner with Isaiah to Jack Astor’s. It was a very nice dinner. Afterwards, I stopped in the mall briefly, and apparently ran into one of my exes… weird!  

Sunday was all about doing more xmas shopping, and later having dinner with my family. Dinnner was really nice.  Everybody was there including Dylan and Sarah.  We all watched Christmas vacation to wrap up the evening visit.

Monday had me working until close. I basically had to catch up a bit after being away for a week from work so yeah, go figure. That night, I ordered some new tops from VS. Expected Arrival Date is Jan 3, 2007, but I think and believe it will arrive BEFORE New Years Eve.  We’ll see if I am right! J 

On Tuesday, I worked until 5:30. The evening had me working on more Xmas cards (started last week, but ran out of cards so got some more on Sunday, and we’re just pretty much finished now!!!) Yippee Yay!

Wednesday was yesterday.I went to the walk in clinic after work. I’ve been fighting against a really bad cough, and sore throat for a week, and I just had it. So the doc prescribed me some antibiotic pills and special cough syrup. So far, it’s working okay. I think I will be recovered by Saturday (maybe Sunday at the latest). We’ll see how it is!

So that’s what’s new with the lovable Jules. Today’s dibs and the weekend will appear in the next blog.  Until then, have a great night, and enjoy the upcoming weekend!  I can’t believe it, with Christmas Eve being almost a week away now!  It’s amazing how times flies!  Ta-ta for now!

Peace & Love, 



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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