London Has Become A Winter Wonderland!!! Snow Day!

Hi Everybody! 

Wow, it’s been almost a week. Basically. I’ve been busy, and actually been down with a very horrible sore throat, but luckily this week is my week off work as scheduled so i’m free 🙂 Anyway, let’s catch up on my craziness! 

 Saturday was all about the celebration for Isaiah’s birthday (actual birthday the next day, Dec 3rd). Hung out at Alan’s new apartment for a bit, went to dinner at Kelsey’s and saw a movie with Isaiah and the guys.  The movie was Turistas (which was crappy, but ah well).

Sunday’s agenda was Christmas shopping.  Isaiah and I  got some done at Masonville.  That evening, Isaiah and I  had dinner with Isaiah’s parents and played cards. Violet won.

Happy birthday, my husband!  

Monday, I went to do more Xmas shopping with my mom (once again at Masonville) for a couple hours in the evening. 

Tuesday had nothing much to report. I did watch the televised VS fashion show later in the evening! Gorgeous girls!!!!!! I loved the show wink

Carol comes by for a tiny bit on Wednesday to give Tony’s resume, and to just to hang out. We picked a tentative date for Dec 19 to have our annual “best-friends Christmas”. I can’t wait! Should be fabulous. I can’t wait!!!!  Also on that day, I also picked a tentative date with Marky  via MSN to hang out in person next…possibly Feb 24 weekend!  We’ll see. Hope it works out!  

Thursday was once again all about xmas shopping. Got a couple things. Nothing big but i still have to get a few more things.  I later had Di over for some hang out time and to watch CSI together with Isaiah in the evening.  A wonderful time! Di, hopefully, we can squeeze in one more hang out day before you go to Jamaica with your sweetie! By the way, thursday had LOTS AND LOTS of SNOW!

Friday is today!!! Snow day!!!! A lot of businesses, schools (including Fanshawe and UWO), etc are closed. London got dumped with 3 or more feet of snow!!! Wow!  It’s amazing!

Anyway, that’s your update.  Have a wonderful winter wonderland today! Dress warm and be safe!

Hugs & Kisses,



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