December 2006 Is Finally Here!!!

Hi Everyone!!!

Hope everyone enjoyed their last few days of November, and had good beginning to December. I can’t believe it’s here already. The final month of 2006!!!! It’s insane!  I swear…. ever since the wedding, time has ticked by even more faster for the rest of the year! I bet you all agree!

Monday was the magical 27th.  It signified our 6-month wedding anniversary!!! We had take-out from Boston Pizza.  Yummy food! Celebration pretty much low key.  The 1/2 mark brings up to our already 5 years of being in love with each other. 

 Nothing much happened on Tuesday nite. Just a stay in night.

Wednesday brought on some excitement.  It was Carol’s Birthday! Happy Birthday Hyper Chick!!!! I spent the evening at Carol’s house celebrating her actual turning 23 with her family. For the occasion, I got Carol new blue bed sheets and super soft blue blankets. She loved them! J We also rented “You, Me, Depree”. What Great movie!  I love Kate Hudson J. Later, we went for a stroll in the rain at Victoria Park to see the lights, as it would be the end to our night together.  It was beautiful. Carol, we have to go back there again, and take pictures with the gorgeous lights! Heehee.

Thursday night was Girls Night at Kathy’s new house. It was fun. Lots of purses and jewelry and all that. Heehee.

Friday was yesterday. It marked the first day of December.  Dad and I went to see Nanie (my dad’s mother) for lunch. It was nice.  In the evening, we just did groceries and stayed home and actually went to bed early due to Isaiah not feeling well.  Oh yeah, it snowed a bit last night. How convenient! 🙂 Last night also marked the beginning of my work vacation.  I’m back to work on Monday December 11th.

Anyway, that’s all the news from this week.  You’ll have to wait for the weekend fun and such in a few days.  Enjoy the weekend and the first full week of December. :)23 days left until Christmas!!!

Love ya all,



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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