The Best Memories!!!!

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all enjoyed the rest of your week and this weekend!!!! It’s been awesome!!!! Now we’re basically coming to a end of sweet November…but we have a merry december acomin’!!! Should be a blast! Anyway, new hightlights coming at you now. Read on!

Wednesday had Nothing special to report: P Just that I picked up more birth control pills (3 months stocked up LOL: P).

Thursday after work, I  Got my nails done (so pretty now!) and eyebrows waxed (wow, it hasn’t happened since June!!!) after work. Also, I   Got dozen red roses from Isaiah “just because”! But our 6 month anniversary of being married is this coming Monday (November 27th)!!! J Aww!!! I love my husband! Xoxo!

Friday was The annual Xmas gala for the office joined with the real estate board at the Hilton hotel was lots of fun. We got our professional portrait done there. We hung out mostly with Diane & Jon, and some of the Sutton agents.  We were there from 6 and stayed until 11:30.  I received a single red rose and a white boutique. So special!  I found out from my mother that she ran into Amy biskaborn (I went to high school with Amy) and Amy’s now going to be a science high school teacher instead of being a doctor that she originally planned. That’s so awesome.  Congrats, Amy!  Wow, I have so many friends/family that are becoming teachers or are already teachers! A teacher gang, that is for sure! Heehee.

Saturday finally came and the best memories were of Carol’s birthday bash! It began at The Palisad (we were there until about 10:00) then carried on the party at 29 Park. Carol got so drunk and it was hilarious!  However, Carol did get some dancing with a few guys (and us gals) so rock on, carol. What a Sexy babe!  I was going to get drunk like her, but I guess for some reason, I only had three drinks (well one at Palisad and then the other two at the club). Oh well. I’ll be a drunken Jules next time we go out clubbing. (Maybe for Sarah’s birthday, we’ll see!)  So anyway, total time of us being in attendance for Carol’s celebration went from 8 pm until 1:30 AM (5 ½ hours). Rocking awesome! (Even though, when we left, Carol and most of the crew were still there so I assume they stayed until the club closed). Carol had a quite a turnout of people for her birthday so that’s just wonderful J. Of course, I took pictures, and of course, her sister Vivi also took a bunch with their digital camera so we’ll have some nice shots of the night!  Carol: hope you enjoyed your awesome night! You and I will have some special time together on your real birthday on Wednesday night and it’ll be fantastic!  Anyway, carol: I’m glad we got to be there last night, and I can’t wait to celebrate your actual birthday on Wednesday with you!

Now today is Sunday. Just a normal sunday.  Doing    Some chores (laundry and dishes), shopping (pictures and b-day gift for Isaiah), uploading pics on my space and just relaxing LOL.  new pictures are up in the "autumn 2006" album so go check them out.  Great pics! Hehe.

So that’s all the timbits of my glamourous life so far. Enjoy your last week of November.  5 more days left of work before I have my 2nd vacation week of 2006 from the office  (vacation: dec 4 to dec 8).  Yes, I’ll be home a lot, chores, try to visit friends as much as possible, spend time with family and etc.  Yeah, not going away but just being in the l-dot with no work. I can’t wait.  Oh yeah.. tomorrow’s our 6 month anniversary for us newlyweds! hehe. Awesome!

Have a wonderful evening, everyone!



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