Upon The Stars :)

Hi Everyone!

Hope y’all are having a good week.  It seems I am the same way. Just a good week so far (better than last week for sure, it was such a tough time!)

On Saturday, Isaiah and I went out and did our usual Groceries. Spent the rest of the day at home basically cleaning and relaxing. We eventually wated The Da Vinci Code. A really good movie.  Yeah. Definitely a good keeper. Hehe.

Sunday was the day that Alan moved into his new apartment. Isaiah & the guys were helping out. So while my husband was busy doing that, I basically was stuck at home with no car. So Just relaxed, and did some more cleaning. Later in the afternoon, Diane made a brief surprise visit.  Great to see you! So random lol, but you called beforehand to make sure I was home. I like that.  I like how people call even though it was basically unplanned. 

 BI returned to the world of business at the office on Monday after being absent for most of of last week due to Grams. The first day back wasn’t too bad (better than I thought) but I still worked until close because of things to catch up.

Yesterday was Tuesday. Once again, I was still catching up, so I worked right up to close.  Di comes over afterwards to hang out for a couple hours. So that was nice. The three of us had dinner together (me, Di, and Isaiah). Di and I just talked and hung around the place. It was wonderful!

So anyway… that’s all that’s new! You’ll have to wait for lateron the weekend to get todays and the rest of the week’s dibs! I am pumped though! Lots of excitement to look forward for Friday (the long awaited xmas gala for the office/real estate board) and then again on Saturday for Carol’s birthday celebration. Both events are going to rock! Hehe. Oh yes, for sure… lots of PICTURES!!!! Haha. Yes, I"ll be camera crazy!!! 😉 You know me!

Okay… enjoy the rest of the week, and less than two weeks until my vacation (December!!!) Haha.  Oh yeah, I found out…. the xmas hours for my work.. so we’re closed Dec 25, 26 and 27 (and January 1st!!!). So basically, i only work for Dec 28 and 29 (and all the other days of December except for my time offf and the paid holiday hours of Dec 25, 26 and 27)Yay! Extra 4 days off (aside from my already booked time off earlier in the month).. I’m so lucky! I should stop rambling my head off LOl!

Ta-ta for now!



(i’m obviously hyper!!!! )


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