A Pure Heart!

Hi Ho, Everyone!

You rang for some weekend juices??? Well here I am to share some honey! LOL.  Hope you all enjoyed your weekend too!!

On Friday, I left work early around 3 to visit Grams at UH with Isaiah, Dylan and Sarah. We meet up with my mother there and some other family members (my mom’s siblings). Afterwards, I went to Tony’s Pizza with the family afterwards. Grams go into surgery for her left hip and later find out it was successful! Thanks for all the prayers and wishes, people! Later, I went to see Babel with Carol at Silvercity. It was pretty good. Similar movie making as “Crash” but in a different scenario.  We went to Chapter/Starbucks to hang out and catch up for a bit.  It was great. I always have fun with Carol. Love you babe! Then, I go home and find out Isaiah has Alan over, so I’m home for a little bit and then we go out to get some late night food at Boston Pizza. The night ends past 1 AM and we go to bed. Crazy night!   

There wasn’t a whole lot happening on Saturday. However, Isaiah and I did some shopping At Wal-Mart—bought some things for the tree, us, and a gift for the secret Santa (for Isaiah’s side of the family). It’s tradition. Later in the evening, I was supposed to go clubbing with Carol and some peeps. I swear, people cannot get their shit together (have no patience with line ups and keep changing their mind) so I went home. Oh well. Next time! J


Yesterday which was Sunday. The afternoon was all about hanging out with Di and going shoppin’ with Di for the afternoon in white oaks area. It was a lot of fun. Got some stuff at the mall, Old Navy and La Vida Rose. Heehee.  I cant’ wait to get more stuff…but got to wait until after Xmas me thinks. I need to finish xmas shopping first, and have some money for clubbing and other upcoming events LOL! 

Today’s Monday. Busy day at work. Mondays are ususally horrible at Sutton, but ah well. I’d rather have a busy start to the week and have a real slow one at the end of the week specially on fridays. I get an invite from Xine (Christine) to attend her b-day bash on Friday and i’m up for it. I’m thrilled actually. I actually don’t get to spend a whole lot of time with this babe. She’s a busy woman and to be honest, the last time we saw each other was at my wedding…so yup, just about 6 months. That’s crazy! But we’ve kept in touch over msn and email. so we’re still good :). So party up, Xine. We’ll be there!  Oh..update on Grams since Friday’s surgery…well up and downs throughout the weekend but as of tonight, she’s lookin really fragil… please send on some good vibes to help her hang on for a bit longer…. thank you all so much for your support! xoxo

So that’s all.  Keep riding the week and you’ll get more sexy fun later. Keep on reachin’ for the stars!!! You’ll get to where you want to be!! Always follow your heart!

Love ,




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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One Response to A Pure Heart!

  1. Michelle says:

    I will keep your Grams in my prayers. Take Care Julie.

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