Wish For Today…

Hi Everyone!

Finally… another update eh? It’s been a crazy week so far! No doubt. Also, we’ve been having such an incredible heat wave. Don’t you agree that it’s been like SPRING?? It makes me think twice about winter.  I think we will have a gorgeous balmy winter! We’ll see if I’m right! 🙂  Read below for some news!

Monday night was all about putting the tree up & decorating our place as festive in time for the merry season! It goes successful. We are thinking about getting a brand new artificial tree (a real tree is just too much of a hassle to deal but we will probably have one when we have kids though!) next year along with a whole new set of ornaments. We feel that when we have finally had our own house, we want a fresh start with almost everything (except for our bed and the things that we got from our wedding).  Our kittens are very into the tree though especially Husky (we’ve caught him a few times already about being in it or actually ON IT!). I’m surprised that the tree hasn’t fallen over yet. Husky is bigger than he was last year when he had his first Christmas with us (he was in the tree once last year, just hanging inside and poking his head out—we have a picture of it!). I later get an email about my best friend’s birthday bash that is scheduled to happen later in the month. It turns out to be the next night after my work’s Xmas party, but I’m all for it.  We have a lot to celebrate that weekend including our 6-month milestone of being married!!!J Hehe. I can’t wait! I love you, Carol.. your my hyper chick! 🙂

 Di introduces me to Face book on Tuesday. I’m totally addicted to this site. It’s horrible but awesome. I’m reconnecting with a bunch of friends so that’s umber cool! I love it! Thanks Di! *hugs*

Wednesday night, I end up going to Kings mills with my mom for the annual sale in the evening. Very busy, but we got some things! I picked up a Christmas gift for my mother, and I got new set of pjs. Very comfy. I love it! 🙂

Thursday is today. It was a super slow day at the office. Bah! I went to UH to pick up my new processor in the middle of work. Boy, I had a great feeling through going through UWO (it’s a really great route to and from work). I wish I were still in the crowd, and attending classes. I have to make a return for next summer/fall term so that I can finally graduate! Crazy kids!  I find out later, that my grandmother has been transferred to UH due to a slip and pain in the left hip (it has been confirmed that she has a broken hip on that left side of her body). She already has pancreas cancer though. So more problems there is, the less time we as a family has left with her.  Please keep her in your prayers for us that the surgery this weekend goes successful.  I’m supposed to be in Burlington with my mom on Saturday to shop at IKEA but I don’t know if it’ll happen, and I have been invited to celebrate Micaela and Michelle Poel’s birthdays at Cowboys (the club that used to be “The Drink”). I hope that I can and able to go to both events on Saturday. I need some excitement! Isaiah and I have been talking about job wise stuff lately (more on Isaiah’s end). There are pretty good jobs out west like in Calgary, BC and Saskatchewan. Like any good wife, I will move out with Isaiah to get this accomplished so that we would have more of a successful life together but this is just a theory that might not become reality either.  I would go anywhere for Isaiah if some good opporunity comes up. He would do the same for me. We both would love to stay in London and grow a family of our own here as well too so if the west option comes up again, it probably won’t be for another year or so as I want to complete my degree at UWO first!

Viola! There you go! The weekend’s dibs will be shared later.  It’s getting late here and I need to get on to sleepyland to have energy for work. I’m so happy that tomorrow is TGIF!!! LOL 🙂 Enjoy your weekend, peeps!

Yours Truly,



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