Welcome To Sweet November! :)

HI Everybody! 

Hope everyone’s had a great first week of November. We’ve been having a good one too! Yupppers and I’m finished my time of the month. Sorry! TMI! LOL. Getting back on topic. Read down below to go fishing of my week 🙂

Wednesday was the 1st day of November! What a great start to the month. Work was good. Awesome night with my husband. We watched the Break-up (the one that Jennifer Aniston) stars in and it’s s good. I am so grateful for our relationship, and how much we commit to it so much. We got married after 5 years of just being a couple, and we’re still so much in love. We’re so blissfully happy with each other and our marriage has made our relationship so much stronger and even more romantic than ever J. We give time to each other, we give time to ourselves, we give time to our family and friends, and we even give time to our kittens that we bought together last year and we treat them as if they are our kids.  I am most happiest around Isaiah, and he has completed me so amazingly and I thank God so much for allowing destiny to have Isaiah and myself to be together in love 🙂 

Not too much happened on Thursday and Friday. I started kitty sitting for Dylan and Sarah while they’re away in Chicago for the weekend attending Alex’s AAA Hockey tournament on Thursday. 

Friday was all about more cat sitting (Hazy and her baby boy) and we once again went grocery shopping. I really love the Superstore! 🙂 We were actually below our budget (food) this time and that hasn’t happen for a few months so that made me happy!  

Saturday was wonderful even though I was  home all day. I had long awaited visit with Mark Hedden (my Marky) in the afternoon—it was great to see him. Heehee. Got to hang for 1 ½ hour. I got to see pics of the Bermuda trip, showed him wedding pics & video, he got to see my kittens (they’ve grown since May), and talked a bit. Might see him again in February. We’ll see. I know for sure, it’ll have to be AFTER Christmas because things are super crazies between stuff and us with all the holiday events so yeah. I got my hugs and got a couple pics taken with him though so I’m good for the time being! *winks*  I got in super romantic mood though later. I wrote a long nice romantic seven page letter to Isaiah, and was in a huge dancing mood in lingerie LOL Isaiah is like your so happy and you should be out dancing with the girls. Which was sweet of my hubby to say, but my girls were either busy with work, homework, or just have plans already.  I want to go clubbing next weekend though so we’ll see! Carol, pay attention to this!!! Let’s go clubbing Friday or Saturday night k?  Of course, I did more kitty sitting this day (twice).

The lovely Sunday is today. Great weather (despite the cold).   Shopping was good—I needed time out of the house  this afternoon and “me” time too because since I was cooped up in the house all day yesterday due to Isaiah being gone with the car to hang with the guys.  Got a new blue sweater, some new socks and more xmas gifts for Isaiah! *smiles*. All that walking around for 2 1/2 hours did my body happy so i’m proud of that 🙂 It had too much lazyness yesterday! Not too long ago,  Isaiah and I made an brief visit to see Alan tonight (Isaiah needed to pick up a game from him so I tagged along).  He moves into his new apartment in two weeks. I’m excited for him! I’m getting some boxes for Alan from work this week so he has some for his stuff to pack in.  By the way, we were going to put up the tree today, but we’ve postponed that festive stuff until tomorrow night.  Isaiah has a three extra days off before he starts his new shift (all done training now) so he’ll get the living room ready for me, and we’ll do the tree when I get home from work.  Just now,  I get an email confirmation that my special pillow and our Xmas ornament have been shipped so it should be here in a few days. Today was the last day of kitty sitting. Dylan and Sarah are to be home tonight. Yay! I’ve had more than enough of kitty fix! LOL.

So there you ago, my first week of November has ended on a sweet note.  There’s sure to be more sweetness of this month. Sweet November is the title! hehe. There is such movie as Sweet November, and I love that movie! 🙂

Anyway, check back in a few days and get more excitement out of me! Enjoy tonight and the next few days to the fullest!

Peace & Love,




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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One Response to Welcome To Sweet November! :)

  1. Micaela says:

    Hey Julie!!! Michelle and I are celebrating our birthdays at Cowboys in London this Saturday, I mentioned it to Carol already and hopefully you girls can make an appearence, I\’d love to see you there! Bring Isaiah too if you want, I\’ve never really met him yet!

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