Halloween Happiness 2006 :)

Happy Halloween Everyone! 🙂 

Hope you all are enjoying this spookacular night. Haha. So here I am doing an update. So read on to see what has happened for the rest of the weekend that just past us!

Saturday night ended up being OUR DATE NIGHT!!!! So we went to see Saw III at Silvercity. It was good.  Then we went to a late dinner at Swiss Chalet.  We finally got to talk about the things that we want accomplished within the next five years (I already knew that we had some same goals, but there are some individual ones as well) so it was really nice to have that talk J.  We drove home afterwards, and watched two more movies.  There’s this boat movie (I forget what’s called) but it’s basically like a modern day Titanic. There’s still a love story, but there’s no iceberg. Just this huge tidal wave that knocks the boat over and still some survivors at the end.  I really like this movie!  The other one that we watched Slither.  UGH. So disgusting.  I couldn’t watch the whole thing, and plus, I was getting tired anyway. 

On Sunday afternoon, I was visiting Grandma with mom and that went well. She’s at Parkwood.  Grams seemed to be in good spirits that was wonderful. I painted her nails, chatted and just hung out. Dad and Alex later popped by.  Afterwards, Isaiah and myself had dinner & visit with the family at the Maitland house. It was just fantastic! I finally got to socialize with the family’s new kitty addition, which is Mittzie (the kitten that Dylan and Sarah had gotten in the spring). She’s only 9 months and so cute. She is affectionate and funny like our own kittens but she has to get used to me, so it’ll take a few more visits before she really knows me. It was fun though and she is really into toys so I’m hey! LOL. Dad, Mom, Isaiah and myself played one round of Crazy 8’s (card game).   

Yesterday was Monday. Shortly after work, I went to Carol’s (again) for little essay touchups and checked out the Party Place afterwards with Isaiah. I later found out that Isaiah found out the rest of his hours for November and yes the Xmas party is definitely ON!!!!!!! We can go!!!!! YAYNESS!!!  So I’m even more thrilled!. I just need a little outfit and then I’ll be sexy ready J

Today is Tuesday which means Halloween 2006 has arrived!!! Dad was a Jamaican at work LOL.  I ended up working until 5:30. Needed to catch up, was a bit behind.  Kathy has confirmed my next “week off” from work is December 4-8!!!! So I’m looking forward to it.  It’ll be a nice vacation! By the way,  Isaiah and I are thinking of actually putting up our tree this weekend. Not sure yet though. You’ll find out later. Haha.  Really, I am into much festive stuff rather than halloweeny/scary stuff when it comes to decorating our place. So pretty soon, it’ll be very xmasy hehe. More motivation for us to finish our xmas shopping and plan for our holiday party that we want to host in December.

Yeah, So that’s it.  Where’s all the time going? I can’t believe November begins tomorrow and you know what?? 2 full months left of 2006! Amazing. I can’t believe it.  I swear, the wedding made the rest of the year go by like a snap of a finger!  So alright, so look for new november dibs in a few days. Enjoy Halloween, and have a great start into November!

Hugs & Kisses,




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