October Hearts :)

Hi Everyone!

How are you guys? Hope your week has been superb! Mine has a been a very crazy one!  Besides me being full time at the office, I have had three late nights out actually.  Monday has alrady been reported in the last blog. Tuesday was actually nothing to report though.  However on Wednesday, I went to Carol’s and I was helping her finish up her English essay. Another three hours or so with her but it was worth it and we had a good time together. We always have fun being best friends no matter what we do always 😉

Thursday was another one of those late nights.  I had gone to the Laugh Out Loud show at the Western fairgrounds (Carousel Room) & dinner with the boss and the Sutton ladies! Lots of Haha was made so obviously the show worked LOL. I had two sex on the beach drinks so that was sweet too LOL. However, the show ran so long so my butt was very sore by the end of the show and there was a strain coming up from my left side of my body so that was not nice but oh well. I’m used to getting up every once a while even if I’m on the computer for hours but this show, you didn’t want to miss anything so I didn’t really move much (my body was mad at me for that: P).  I also drove Diane home so I didn’t get in to my house until 11 PM and I left the house that morning just after 8:30 AM so more than 12 hours of absence. My husband and my kittens both missed me like crazy. Of course, I felt the same way.

Yesterday was Friday. It was a really super slow day at work but ah well. I like Friday so it was nice in a way considering that I’ve had a lot of late nights this week. So I was able to do stuff at my own pace J. Rainy day and evening as well. BAH. I was planning on staying home because I’ve missed my husband too much so the rain was kind of a sign for me to stay put anyway. Thank you, God!  Also today marked our 5 months MARRIED! I can’t wait for next month..6 months is due for a mini celebration (I know our ONE YEAR will be such a milestone and will have a big celebration regardless of a trip or not but we should be ready to move to our FIRST house by then). We bought a couple DVDs and grabbed subway on the way home (Isaiah has been without his cell since the weekend—it stopped working again, and he just picked up a replacement from Rogers tonight).  

Saturday is today. It has been a very relaxing day so far. Just a lot of comfy ness, watching shows, curled up on the couch with Sherlock (he LOVES his mommy time!!!), and just hanging out with Isaiah. We’ve decided that we’re going on a date. Not being with friends tonight.  So we’re eating dinner out at Swiss Chalet and then going to see Saw III (this a movie that Isaiah really wants to see, and we have seen the first two—we have them) and then the rest of the night will be just a romantic time at home.

I was just thinking and my mother feels the same way. It feels weird not having to do any wedding planning.  Yesterday marked 5 months married for Isaiah and I.  I ordered this beautiful pillow online last night that will have our wedding picture, our names and the wedding date so I can’t wait to have it and display it on our bed (or maybe the couch might be a better location as the bed gets messed up a lot LOL).  I felt so romantic last night!  I can’t believe that it’ll be 6 months in November! It’s amazing. It’s a thrilling feeling to be married, and we have so many things to come for the rest of our lives. So we’re looking forward to everything!

For a while now, we’ve decided with my graduation and planning for an awesome anniversary trip in 2008 that we’ll be expecting at some point that year. I was talking with Tammy 2 on Thursday (she got married the week before we did), and we know we won’t wait another 5 years to have kids or another big trip. Tammy 2 and I want to have our kids by the time we’re 30. I know Isaiah and I will accomplish that goal because my pregnancies will be back to back so go figure by the time I’m 28, we’re done! I’ve already come up with a theme for my first baby shower. I want to have a Winnie the Pooh theme! Heehee.  I know that once Isaiah and I are pregnant, we want to find out the sex of the baby so by the time I have my baby shower, people will know if we’re having a baby girl or a baby boy. Honestly, we want our first to be a girl so much, but we’ll see if God will grant our wishes!

My family has already started to discuss Christmas plans.  My mother wants to host the Bialkowski family Christmas 2006 at her house this year either on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  I’m excited that we’ll actually be in LONDON!  So we’re up for that.  I keep thinking that this year should be a hottubbing one because we have so much to celebrate.  Michelle and I’ll be celebrating our first Christmas "married" with our husbands and the year continues to spring on lots of changes and challenges for everyone. Alex’s now in the highschool world with being a niner, a AAA hockey player and playing football.  My parents have adopted Mittzie from Dylan so we now have a female cat at the Maitland house (yes, we still have Shadow).  However, Christmas will also be a first without Niko. We’ve spent 10 Christmases with our dog and he’s been in heaven since late January so he will be very much missed at this time. There’s another challenge and a serious one at that,  my grandmother has cancer and it was confirmed this past week (after 6 weeks of being in the hospital and losing amazing amount of weight in that amount of time) so she doesn’t have much longer to live (the docs have predicted 6 months to a year left of life but her cancer is already very well advanced so we as a family actually think it’ll be less than 6 months actually and Grams has already sensed that her time is coming).  Anyway, this year’s Christmas will be really special.

Anyway, that’s all the news for now.  Make this weekend a very fun one.  Halloween is just days away, and i know with the bar/clubbing scene, young people are dressing up so if you are doing that, be creative! Haha.  I’m just having a regular night by just going on a date with my husband whom I’ve bee married to for 5 months (next month…6 months but really 5 1/2 years together as a couple!). Hehe.  You’ll get more of  my glamourous life in the next few days.  By the way, don’t forget to change your clocks backwards before bedtime tonight!

Ciao for now,




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