A Dreamy Weekend!! :D

Hi Peeps! 

The weekend is long gone, and the workweek has revved up again. BAH! Snow…October’s freakin’ cold this year. OMG! I’m just very grateful that Isaiah and I got married in the spring and that we got the most gorgeous weather that a newlywed could wish for! It’ll always remain to be the one of the best memorable days of our lives together in LOVE.

Anyway, let’s get back on track with my crazy and beautiful life dibs. Saturday was the best day ever out of the entire weekend.  Isaiah and I did our usual grocery shopping as we do every two weeks. But this time we made a new choice. We decided to try a new store for our groceries. The Superstore! We love it. Our bill is just as the same as we usually have at No Frills. So we’re going to the superstore from now on. We also decided to get a different kind of adult cat food for our kittens. They still have some of their old cat food leftover so we’ll finish that first with them and then get them started on the new brand.  It’s exciting. It’s nice to have some changes!  That’s totally been what this autumn has been about…changes!  My hair, and seeing more friends and now new grocery store and new cat food for our boys! I think more changes will happen for the rest of the season too! 

Later that afternoon, I went out shopping for Carol’s birthday gift… which is on November 29. I picked out a gift t hat i know she’ll love, and treasure so i can’t wait to give it to her in a few weeks! Hehe. Carol and I also still do Christmas gifts to each other, so i haven’t started on that but i’ll get there. Her birthday comes before Christmas though, so i wanted to get that out of the way though first! 

 I FINALLY went out clubbing Saturday night!!!! WHOO HOO! Everybody knows I’ve had the itch to go out for the last few weeks! It finally happened! YAYNESS! I went to 29 Park with Carol, Carol’s friend Christina and Christina’s cousin. I looked so incredibly HOT! Red top, short black skirt with black boots.  Isaiah told me that I totally looked like the main character chick from Resident Evil! Hey, thanks for the sexy compliment, sweetie!  I had so much fun! Yes, of course, I took pics and I got drunk! Apparently, Carol found me funny when I’m drunk so I’m glad to be of service, hunnie! I can’t wait for our next night out. It was AWESOME! After, Carol dropped me off at home; I ended up joining Isaiah and the guys and Christina (a different one, Carol!) for some food at Golden Grille. Christina was disappointed to find out that I wasn’t blonde anymore (I haven’t seen this brunette babe for a long time). This girl and I hung out a few times with the guys when I was in my 2nd year of university (like within in the last two months of my 2nd year). Lots of clubbing/strip clubs. I miss those times LOL. Anyway, Isaiah and I didn’t return home until 3 AM. It’s been a long time that I’ve been out all night, and past 1 AM so it was a wonderful night! HAHA!

Sunday was another crazy day. I was a bit hungover, but i was okay though. Hehe.  I went shopping as planned with Diane at White Oaks Mall for the afternoon. We each got some new clothes and I picked up a christmas gift for Isaiah (it’s not the only gift though…he’ll get more LOL). I’m proud at myself… i made a goal to start this christmas shopping early, and it’s still October! YAY…pats on my shoulder LOL. I’m too cute!  After I dropped Diane off, Isaiah and I had a little bit earlier dinner than planned with his parents at their house and we played cards.

Monday was yesterday. Shortly after work, I went to Carol’s to help her with her latest essay for university for just over three hours, and got halfway accomplished.  I’m going back on Wednesday night to help Carol finish up her essay! I’ve always been the English queen out of the two of us! Haha. I don’t mind really. In a way, it helps me get back on the academic track for when I do return next summer/fall for my graduating year!!!

So that’s my funnest weekend.  Hope you guys had a fantastic weekend too!!!!  This week continues to be crazy, but you’ll have to wait for later to get the dibs on it!!! In the mean time, stay warm but sexy at the same time. Always be yourself!

Love you all,






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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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1 Response to A Dreamy Weekend!! :D

  1. Micaela says:

    Hey Jules!!! I\’m glad you had fun on Saturday night and I\’m sorry I couldn\’t make it… but we will definitely go out for Carol\’s bday!! I remember her bday last year at the Barking Frog, she was SO drunk and SO hilarious that I made a video of her, I should show her it sometime.
    I hope your cats enjoy their new cat food. 🙂 Personally I couldn\’t tell you what my cats eat! I should be more attentive. 🙂

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