I Am Wrapped Up In Sweetness!!! ;)

     Hi Everyone!  

Hope everyone’s had a good week at school and or at work. My weekdays this week has been good.  So anyway, i’m here to update on it! 🙂

On Monday after work, I made a surprise visit to see mom at her house. It was good but short. My mother ended up being tied up with school help to my two brothers. So we will have a better visit next time!  On the way home, I  bought a few things from Shoppers. Hehe.

I finally went to the gym with Isaiah on Tuesday night! It was a great hour workout. I know i was last seen there during the 1st week of September. I’ve gone back to my old habit of lazyness or just don’t have time :P. I know I need to work on that.  I want my "tire" (my nickname for my current tummy) to shrink so I will be at pre-preggo weight (125) for when the time comes in 2008 for us to start trying.


 I was able to have the car for work all day on Wednesday and Thursday. My husband sure knows that I have this positive passion of driving. I am not one of those people who HATE driving. I actually love being in the driver seat and having the control of the car.  Even though we have Violet’s old car at the moment, it’s only temporary (probably for a year at least) since we do want a newer car that we can really call it as ours. I know we’ll eventually have two cars, but we can only afford one.  Since we’ll be starting a family in a couple years, I’d want to have my car to be somewhat family friendly so we’ll see what we can get.  I don’t want a van though, not until we have more kids ( IF we do!).

So, I got a package in the mail on Thursday. It turned out to be my sexy red halter bikini that I had ordered from Victoria Secret! I love it. I might get another one of the same kind of bikini except in a different colour. We’ll see… probably after Christmas though! (hehe!)

I have actually gotten so many compliments on my hair (colour & cut) from practically all the agents at work, even the guys. They love it! Hehe. It’s nice to turn heads! *winks*  I know I get plenty of compliments through out life with my married life, my personality and etc.  I just don’t get thousands in one week LOL. Of course, I have daily compliments from my husband though 😉 

The weekend is going to be awesome!  Tomorrow aka Saturday is all about grocery shopping with my husband and later in the evening, partying the night out with Carol and some friends! Smiles! It shall be a hell of a sexy night!  Sunday, I’m going shopping with Diane (we think we’ll be at White Oaks) and later having dinner with Isaiah’s parents along with my husband of course!

Viola!  Update all done! So cherish your weekend to the fullest.  I love how i’m spending it with my best friends and my husband!  It’s gonna be fantastic!  You’ll get all the sexy details in a few days! 

Ta-ta for now, 




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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