This Autumn Carves Many More Memories!!! :)

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone had a great week and a blissful weekend! I know, it’s been a few days so I’m gonna get you guys all caught up! So continue to read on!

On Wednesday, I got got some pics from Jill via email from thanksgiving weekend (I picked 7 best ones). There will be more coming soon. That night, I ordered a new red halter bikini from VS last night. It is to arrive by Halloween (October 31, 2006).

The next thing you know, it’s Thursday. London got a surprise. We got our first snow of 2006! Wow! Totally off-guard! Snow doesn’t usually appear this soon. Usually it happens on Halloween or just after. Wow. October having a snow storm in the middle of the month? Craziness! You know what else?  Buffalo got hit with TWO feet of snow and 380,000 are without power.


I was very happy on Friday. I had the car to work &  I was showing my pink teddy (Jaime) to the Sutton ladies.That night, I made plans to see Sarah and meet Mercedes in person for Sunday around lunchtime! Can’t wait!!!! This day also marked that there is exactly 1 year left until Mark & Karrie’s wedding (Oct 13, 2007). Can’t wait for the day you get married, Mark!


Saturday was a crazy day! I had lunch with mom at the Covent Market that was great. Got to spend an hour or so with her J. Afterwards, I went to see my stylist. I was having my haircut and new dye that lasted almost two hours.  I love my haircut and new colour. It’s brunette/chocolate brown but light). I’m planning on going a bit darker around Christmas time though.  Later than evening, I went to the Plantation & Palisad with Carol for some drinks. Fun time! Great to see you!!!


Sunday is today. I just spent the afternoon with Sarah and Mercedes. We mainly hung out at her apartment which is basically a walk away from our grocery store. It was awesome. Mercedes is an adorable baby girl. She’s just like Conner. Barely ever cries and etc. I got to hold her, take pictures and push her in her stroller. We went to White Oaks for a bit. I bought Mercedes a little outfit. She looks so chic! I also got pics developed from the last two rolls that I finished a week ago. So that was good too  Sarah.. can’t wait to see you again soon.  The one thing i realized, we didn’t get a pic of just you and I so we’ll have to get that taken the next time we hang out!

Anyway,  that’s all the amazing updates in Jules’ happily married life.  Enjoy the rest of your evening.  Have a great start to this week!  By the way, check out the autumn album as it’ll have more pictures!!!!

Hugs to all,




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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