Disco Turkeys! :D

Hi Everyone! 🙂  

Hope you all had a great "turkey" weekend! Did ya grab some gobble time with family and friends??? There’s a lot to celebrate/be thankful for!

Saturday did some actual shopping and "window" shopping. At White Oaks—got a new bookcase for our DVD storage and a couple new clothes for Isaiah. I also looked around People’s and there are a couple diamond necklaces that I like but I don’t necessary want him to get it for Christmas. It would be more ideal for a v-day gift or for our one-year anniversary and this blue vest jacket that I love and looks great on me. It’s a Christmas idea for Isaiah to get (and it’s affordable LOL). *wink*  Also, we just looked around the Brick (window shopping) just for ideas for what kind of a couch we like and would only buy it once we know what our house will be like. We found one that we really love and it’s a huge couch! J We have to wait though. We’ll have another look once we’ve found the house that we will buy. I love that we are buying things TOGETHER because some of the things that are in our current place weren’t bought by us—some were from family/my old room and etc so not a lot of things is really OURS/TOGETHER.  The new TV in our bedroom is OURS.  Of course the things as gifts from our wedding is automatically OURS because they are new so it does count as TOGETHER J

 On Sunday, We were in Corunna. More specifically at Aunt Diann’s for thanksgiving lunch and dinner. It was fantastic! Very happy to see everyone. Lots of food and drinks and picture taking. My grandmother was able to get out of the hospital to be there for this day so it was lovely. She was in good spirits even though we all know that she won’t have much longer to live. I can’t wait to see the pictures that Jill took (should be by email soon) and I of course took some with my camera, so maybe in a week or so, I’ll get them developed.  We were there for a lot of hours though—got to Corunna just after 1:00 and left just after 9:30 PM (got back to London just before 11 PM). Very tired as a couple we were! By the way, I’m apparently hilarious by the cousins. Talked to most of the family. I find out that Alex has joined the CCH’s football team. So he really is excited about being on it. I think it’s awesome that he’ll have a school connection by being on the team! I was on the swim team for 3 years when I was a Jaguar at John Paul II.  Alex will have a really busy year being a niner; juggling football, playing triple a hockey (jr. knights) and classes/homework but I know he’ll pull through. You’re a smart cookie, Alex!  I’m proud of you! Michelle shared several stories of her teaching. She has her own Grade 1 class and it’s her first time teaching so she’s learning, but she’s doing well (and getting a lot of tips from my own mother who’s a teacher herself). I shared stories of our two kittens that entertain us all the time!


Yesterday (Monday); we were in Dashwood at Sharmane & Matt’s for the thanksgiving lunch (Isaiah’s side of the family). It was great. Got to spend time with little Conner (August) and Evan (April). Ashley was spending a lot of time with Evan. We got pics taken.  We also got to watch a picture slideshow of Uncle Shawn and Theresa’s wedding so we noticed a couple shots of us together that are great J. We were there for 1 and left at 4:30 (back in London after 5:30). Yes, it was a short visit, but we got to see everyone, and there’ll be another gets together at Christmas that will be held at Violet’s house (Boxing Day). Isaiah says that I should invest in photography because I’m so good at taking pictures. Well, thanks hubby for the sweet compliment! Sharmane gives us a couple pics of Evan at 5 ½ months. Very cute.

Over Thanksgiving, family members of future plans and if/when had asked us we are having kids.  Isaiah and I had more of a pregnancy talk at some point on Sunday. Definitely in two years (probably upon university graduation/post university graduation in 2008). Two kids back to back so basically about a year apart each unless we decide to wait another year for the 2nd one.  We’ll see.  Before we can become parents: a house, another car (or at least a brand new one), my graduation and the last big trip have to happen.  Anyway, regardless, we’ll have our two kids way before we are 30 so that’s good. If we do have a third one, I would think that would be more spaced out than our first two kids.

Anyway, that’s all the glory from thanksgiving. It was a great weekend overall. So more sweets of Jules later this week. In the mean time, keep on being generous and grateful! 





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2 Responses to Disco Turkeys! :D

  1. Micaela says:

    Hey Julie!!! Wow sounds like you have your life plans in order!!! Mine are much less set in stone but that\’s the way I am I guess! I think there are definitely bonuses to marrying young like having kids young but getting to spend lots of time as a couple first so there\’s no rushing into anything. Well I hope everything works out the way you plan but if not I have no doubts that you will be able to roll with it. Sorry I can\’t make it out on Saturday but I have my friends stag and doe to go to, pretty important stuff!!!! xxx

  2. 飞翔的猫 says:

    hi I`m a chinese ,I lived in Shanghai, a city in east chinese near the ocean,I  found your space by chance ,nice to meet you ,it`s maybe strange for you to get a message frome the other side of the world,hope to make friends with you 🙂 

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