The Golden Days….

Hi Peeps!

Hope you had had a fantastic week! It’s been a busy one for us and we’re happy it’s the weekend now. We have a lot to be thankful for! J 

On Monday, I worked at the office until close due to two of our girls being sick. I also found out more info in regards to the LSTREB’s annual Christmas gala that they have every year.  Theme is “Cruise Into Christmas”.  It’s obviously after work hours. Fri Nov 24th!  The same location where the Lucas Prom was in 2001. I’m excited to go and as of right now, Isaiah says it looks like he’ll be able to have the night off but we’ll see.  We didn’t go last year because he couldn’t get it off but the last time we went was in 2004 during our engagement.  Now that we’re married and it is just landing JUST BEFORE our 6 month anniversary which is perfect.  I want to celebrate our anniversary with this gala. It’ll be a good beginning to my week off from the office too!  I am thinking I want to have a sexy up do done for this fun night (I’ll see if I can leave the office early for an hair appointment). Also, I just need to get a dress (just need to start looking) and new shoes (there are some dressy shoes that I want to get from VS!) and I’ll be a ‘cruising’ sexy bombshell J

I Once again worked until close on Tuesday as well. I found out after work, Isaiah got us a new TV for our bedroom finally from Future Shop. Love it. Not exactly the one we originally wanted, but it is definitely better than the old one that has been in use for so long.  Captions, and it has a silver frame which both were important to me.  We’ll eventually get flat screens but right now, they’re too expensive for us. Maybe we’ll get one sometime next year for the living room.  We shall see!

Nothing spectacular to report for Wednesday. However on Thursday night (last night), I got to hang out with Carol and her cousin Tania. We went to the bear-making store in Masonville. Yes, we made bears. I’m not embarrassed about it. I mean who the hell cares if I am 23 and married! I’ve never done this before. So I have to do this at least once.  We had a lot of fun. My bear is a blowing kisses one and it’s pink. She has brown eyes (just like my husband). She had a giggle sound in her that I picked out and on her left paw.  I got to dress her up in a denim dress and denim sandals. She looks flirty cute!  I also got to create a birth certificate for my bear. I had named my pink bear, Jamie because I feel like I that once Isaiah and I are pregnant, I will have a baby girl (or at least the second round of pregnancy anyway).  If we do, the baby will be named Jaime and I will pass down the pink bear that I made to her.  “Jaime” bear was expensive but worth the process and the memories J.  Carol made a rabbit. No sound but she has overalls and really cute white running shoes with a silver heart.  Tania made the cookie monster with a laughing sound and with a cookie monster teddy bear.  I had my camera so I took some pictures with us and our stuffed animals!J

Today is Friday.  I worked until 5:30.  We got our usual grocery shopping done. Made another trip to future shop and got a new printer that we will be now sharing.  We also want a new computer that we will share—we actually want a Mac this time (and also a laptop for me personally to use upon my return to Western next year) but it’ll be a while before we can get those things, but it’s definitely on our list. It’ll be definitely bought in the New Year, if it hasn’t been bought for Christmas! 

So, that’s my week! You’ll have to wait until after thanksgiving day to grasp more excitement out of our lives! But I will say that October is pretty exciting so far and there’s more things to come! 

Enjoy your long weekend and make sure you celebrate everything that you are thankful this weekend with your loved ones (significant others, family, friends, and even pets!). 

Love you all!




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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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