Welcome Autumn 2006!!! :)

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all had a good weekend, and a peachy start to the last week of September! I have lots ot update so read on!

Saturday was the **FIRST DAY OF AUTUMN** I can’t believe it’s FALL already! This was my full day with Diane starting from 11 AM and on. Friends are precious to have in life! Di got her haircut ( btw sweets, i love your new cut and highlights!); we looked around Chapters/Starbucks, Pier One, Shoes, and the mall. Di got some work clothes, and a new winter jacket. I got a comfy pair of pants. There was a surprise dinner later on for Diane prepared by Jon, her boyfriend of three years J it was great. It was at this Vietnamese restaurant. Di and I had this awesome strawberry shake. Yummy. Of course Vietnamese food.  

Sunday arrives. We visited Alan in the afternoon. I finally got the wedding pics from him though J So that made me cheerful! (After just about 4 months of waiting). By the way, Marky: I still want your photos!  We stopped by Future shop for one of the guy’s birthday gifts. Alan & Scott came over to chill for a while.  The three guys and myself went out to dinner at Boston Pizza! It was great. A new place that I never have been in before and I got to try two new drinks that I absolutely love and could have all day if I could. Basically alcoholic slushie drinks! “Space Freeze” and “Strawberry Banana Sensation”!!! Heehee.  I could have had more, because I was downing them a lot LOL. Maybe I will have a major drinking night sometime! We’ll see! Isaiah and the guys were at this place in Niagara Falls just two weeks before our wedding back in May, and they had those drinks and other kinds.  I love trying out new drinks occasionally.  I have to experience a bunch of drinks before I am ready to become pregnant (most likely sometime in 2008)!  

 Isaiah and I kept Violet company while she did her league bowl offs at her bowling alley. It was fun just to watch on Monday night. We talked about us joining a league again (maybe in the winter or the coming spring). We used to go bowling a lot during our early dating days. We did two leagues (maybe a third one) within our first year of dating. We haven’t bowled much since. Just fun bowling once in a blue moon.

Last night, we went to an special AA meeting for Scott (Isaiah’s dad) as he was celebrating his first year of soberness. I went to one for my dad, about 3 years ago for 12 years of being in AA I believe. We also found out that we now have two thanksgiving dinners to attend next weekend (thanksgiving weekend). We knew about the Sarnia one for the 8th at Aunt Kathy’s.  Now, Sharmane (Isaiah’s cousin) & her hubby Matt (married in 2003) want to host an afternoon dinner on the 9th and that would be in Dashwood. I adore family time though! Since I got married, I feel SO much more connected with Violet’s side of the family and they’re awesome. Of course, I met them way before we got engaged and married just that they didn’t get together as much until last year. So It’s very much like my family now. Lots of family love. I got even more excited that I’d get to spend more time with Conner, Shannon’s cute little baby boy J  Also, I’m of course excited about my family as well. Michelle and I are now married. I love taking pictures with the family J Oh yes, also on this day… we looked at Future Shop as we’re thinking about getting a new tv for our bedroom (our current one is OLD!). There’s this one that we love, but it’s been out of stock as of late, so hopefully for this weekend, they’ll have more in stock and we’ll get it.  Keep fingers crossed for us, please! Thank you! 

Wednesday is today.  I got out of work early due to an audiologist appt at UH.  My device has been zoning out occasionally over the summer and it’s been driving me BONKERS! So I wanted to find out what’s the problem and what can be done.  Kim (my audiologist) thinks that it may be the device or it may be something more serious like my actual implant that has been inside me since I was 6. So she gave me a loner device to see if this solves the problem. If it does, my device will be sent away for a replacement.  Apparently, there’s another device coming out sometime in 2007 for people like me who have Esprit 22 and it’s called “Freedom”.  We’d have the replacement until Freedom comes out, and it’s supposed to be a huge change so we’ll see.  I just hope it’s the device that’s the problem because if it is not…it means possible surgery again. I went under surgery at 6 years old to be the first child in Ontario to get a cochlear implant in 1989. This implant has lasted 17 years so far with no problems. Just device upgrades and the like every few years as technology keep improving!  I don’t want to have surgery again though if it turns out that the device isn’t the problem. I’m 23 and I JUST GOT married! I want to live my married life without surgery if possible and I will be having kids in about two years time or so.  Also,  Isaiah and I keep talking about our next trip. Originally, I thought we’d have to wait until 2008 because I want us to get our house by our one year. However, Isaiah says if we budget really well and stuff after Christmas is over, we may have a trip booked in time for our one-year anniversary.  I thought if we do decide that we want a trip for 2007… A CRUISE is on my mind! While I totally adored the Dominican (and still have the “Dominican” fix) since it was such a huge paradise for our first trip together outside the country and we just got married, we have to try other things together.  I have cruised twice before with my family back in 1999 and 2001.  It’d be still a “FIRST” cruise because we’re doing this TOGETHER. Isaiah seems to be kind of up for it. My parents still get cruise books and stuff so I am going to get some from them, and get some ideas of what kind of cruise we’d like to go on if we still want to go away next May/June.  I know we could opt out the cruise and try another paradise that is still a warm climate just like the Dominican and save the cruise for 2008.  Honestly, I wouldn’t mind staying in Ontario for our one-year anniversary but I’d love to fly out again with Isaiah, and experience another “paradise week”.  Well, it’s a matter if we can afford both… a house and a trip for 2007. We’ll see. If we can’t do both, I’d rather have the house first and just book a trip for 2008 as originally planned.

Anyway, that’s all the HUGE update I have got for you for now.  Enjoy the rest of this week. Keep on being  that beautiful person that you are!





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2 Responses to Welcome Autumn 2006!!! :)

  1. Micaela says:

    Hey Julie!!! Congrats on 4 months of marriage! Me and Kent actually have the same anniversary but we are only on 3 months of dating as of today.. haha.. I\’m not an anniversary person really, but I definitely made sure to inform him so he can get it into his head and make sure to remember when the IMPORTANT months come!!! haha. It sounds like you had a fun week! Me and you and Carol should get together and go out sometime… I have no job so I\’m pretty much free on weekends until I get a job, hopefully soon! Talk to her and lemme know.

  2. Michelle says:

    Hey Jules. Glad everything is going good for you! I wish you luck with your trip/house buying adventures. Teachers college is going good, but I can\’t wait to go home for Thanksgiving. Enjoy yours with your Hubby and Family. Take care, Michelle.

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