A Beautiful Angel Fountain!

Hi My Loves! 

Wow, it’s been a busy week! LOL. Guess what?? More than three days of juices for you to read! So get ready and curl up! Meow!

Isaiah picks me up from work on Monday(we have his mom’s car for the week they’re away).  He lets me drive home.  I felt like I was sort of back in Driver’s Ed because I haven’t driven that car in so LONG and I’m so USED to driving the Lexus. It all went fine. Heehee. Hey, I’ve been driving for like 7 years now! Yes, a long time! J Anyway, I’m driving this car everyday from work for this whole week, which is awesome J.  It’s rare that I get my driving time on a daily basis! So that gives me sunshine!

Tuesday chimes in again with more driving time LOL. I ROCK! Isaiah was sweet enough later in the night when I was feeling a bit bored and suggested that I go for a drive. OMG, I love my husband! So I went for a drive.  Just drove around the university (beautiful scenery as always) and towards to the west end of London. I decided that I’d drive to my old house.  I still remember the streets and everything. I was thinking about all the streets that I used to tackle on many Halloween nights and riding my bikes on the hilly streets part of our neighborhood, and just being a fearless child. Our old house was being sold when I had just become a teenager (the summer of 1996) and we made the move to the Maitland house in January 1997.  That’s right, my parents will have lived in this house for 10 years next year!  Anyway, it was an amazing drive, and so many awesome memories.  Maybe some day later in our lives, Isaiah and I will live in this awesome neighborhood again.  

 In the evening on Wednesday, I drove to the white oaks area. Picked up my other part of Diane’s present and got started on somebody else’s birthday gift early LOL and a couple things for myself (not clothes, I’m happy to say LOL!). Also,   I have gotten to thinking about when we will host our next house party. Last year, we hosted in June (June 11, 2005).  We haven’t been able to host it for the rest of last year and basically for 2 quarters of this year. Earlier this summer, I thought that maybe we’d have our party in October. Now, that’s changed. There are other things that I want US to do then. There’s thanksgiving, and I want us to kind of get ahead on Christmas shopping and other things.  So I’m thinking of pushing the party to December.  Early December.  Haven’t decided on a date yet, but it will definitely be before CHRISTMAS.  I actually think that it would rock. We’ve never hosted a holiday party together before, and we’re married now. So, We’ll do our amazing job of making this the most “merry” party ever! LOL. Another happy report: I have confirmed plans with Diane.  I’m spending ALL DAY Saturday with Diane.  I’m picking her up, taking her to her hair appt (that she had previously booked), some shopping for Diane’s new clothes, and possible Chapters stop (as I want to get some ideas from magazines for the party in December!) I’m so cheerful! LOL J

Thursday was pure happiness.  I was hanging out with Carol for a couple hours in the evening. It was fantastic! I hadn’t seen my hyper chick for a while. So it was great to be able to see her and catch up. I finally saw her CW video of the bunging jumping thing. Coolness! We went to the mall for Carol’s new clothes, and just hung around her room, and living room. I totally can’t wait for our next get-together!  I’m already getting some ideas to what to get for Carol’s birthday in November! In TV land, CSI premeired their new season finally! LOL. IT was a great episode.  I can’t wait to get the new DVD when it comes out. As you know, we already have the first 5 seasons (xmas gift from Isaiah last Christmas!). By the way, this day was Diane’s birthday. She’s finally joined my world of being 23!!! LOL. Hope you had an awesome birthday, sweetie!

Friday is today. TGIF!!!! At work, I find out with Kathy that there’s a possibility the RE board’s Xmas party could be landing on Friday November 24.  I just hope that Isaiah’s still working days so that we can go to the dinner & dance gala. We’ll see! We didn’t get to go last year, but I really would like for us to go this year.  It just around our 6 month anniversary of being married and this gala would be perfect to celebrate within! That would be pure romance! Anyway, tonight is just a normal Friday night at home.  We also did our usual two-week groceries and picked up a few new DVDs. There is so many more coming out in October so yeah… Watch out! LOL!  That’s about all the excitement! Also today was Marky’s birthday. He turned 24! Hope you had an awesome birthday, Marky! Hope to see you next Saturday! *fingers crossed!*

Not a whole lot this weekend. Just I’m spending a FULL Day with Diane tomorrow, which is awesome. We hardly have that much time together since we both work full-time at the office LOL. So it’s rare to get some girl time outside of work and we do have our own lives with our lovers and etc.  Oh yes, tomorrow’s also marked as the FIRST day of AUTUMN. Bye-bye SUMMER! I’m so sad. Oh well.  Please pray for a mild winter though!!!!!  That would rock!

So there you have my crazy chocolate dibs! Have a cheerful weekend! Keep going forward with all the things your doing. Every choice you make should reflect upon you are and in the path that you traveling in life.  Remember, experiences make you stronger and wiser!

Hugs to all,




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