Monday’s Happiness Rays!!! :)

Honk honk!

LOL! It’s Monday and i’m hear to brighten up anybody’s blues!  I’m here to holler about my weekend! So get comfy and read about the funness!

Friday dropped by….The only exciting thing happened at the office on that day…Tammy and her daughter, Jasmine! It was nice of the two to drop in. They haven’t done so for a while.  Jasmine is walking now. It’s so awesome.  She continues to be a cutie!  Later in the evening, One of our boys, Husky gets a massage. You know that thing that Isaiah got me for my birthday back in June? Well, we had it running on the couch chair in the living room. Husky does have some that curiosity gene that Sherlock has. Anyway, he goes on it and then lays on it for like 5 minutes.  He got pretty worn out after that. Husky really enjoyed the massage. Sherlock doesn’t really like that thing but hey whatever. You know, we both have two really crazy but cute as buttons of kittens! I took pictures of husky getting his massage. Can’t wait for that J A couple more hours trickle by and summers come over to hang out with us.  We left it up to him to decide and he chose to just to have a stay in night with us since he had to work at 7 AM the next morning. So we watched Shaun Of The Dead (summer’s choice) and ordered some pizza.  So it was a great couple hour of hang out.  Just nice and easy! 

Saturday was fabulous! We found out that we don’t have to baby-sit Wilson anymore for the week. Isaiah’s parents decided to take him along anyway to their cottage getaway. But we do still have to check on Isaiah’s parents cat, Reboot everyday. She’s the type of cat that only needs to be fed once a day and she is very independent so it’s very easy of a baby-sit J Guess what?? Shopping Day! Isaiah gets some new clothes from White Oaks. I get my nails done. This time, just a regular French manicure without the power gel refill. Really, it looks better with just my real nails. I think I’m going to stick with it.  It cost about the same as I usually pay for when it comes to power gel nails anyways so I don’t really lose out on anything.  I just have to make sure that we make time and have the vehicle to go back in every two weeks or so for a new manicure J Later, we made another shopping trip. This time to Masonville Mall. I ordered a new batch of contacts, which will be picked up sometime this week. I bought a couple tank tops, two v-neck sweaters, a gift for Diane, and some sexy underwear LOL.  I’m such the shopaholic! I know…i’m guilty! LOL.

When it was Sunday morning,we went with Mom to visit Grandma at the hospital in Milton. She seemed okay. We still don’t know the new update on her. She’s having a cat scan done tomorrow on her pancreas so we’ll find out if it’s cancerous or not. I hope not. We now know that she’s diabetic.  Uncle Jules and Aunt Wanita arrived shortly after we got there.  After the visit, the  five of us (my mom, me, Isaiah, Uncle Jules & Aunt Wanita) had lunch at the nearby Swiss Chalet. It was a great lunch. I got such a sweet dessert after my lunch. Strawberry shortcake! Yummy ness! Then we spent the rest of the afternoon at my parent’s house.  Just catching up with my parents. Isaiah and I got some hottubbing time that was nice!J We picked up Alex and his friend Kyle from hockey at the WFC.  We had dinner afterwards and left.  Had a nice dinner with my parents. Caught up with our daily lives!

So that’s our weekend.  A couple birthdays that are being celebrated this week.  Diane turns 23 on Thursday and Marky turns 24 on Friday. Funny how the two are close together! Hehe.  I may be seeing Carol on Thursday night, and maybe Diane for some shopping on Saturday.  We’ll see how those plans work out. I hope i see my best girls!!!!

Enjoy your week, everyone!!!!! Make it a priority to have your day to peak out some sunshine in the things you do, and the people around you.  I sent some cards yesterday for Women’s Friendship day.  I love making my girls smile!




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