Berry-Merry Time!!!!

 Hi Peeps!  

How’s everyone’s week been??? I hope peachy cool so far!!!! It’s been a pretty good week for me so far.  WOrk’s been steady all this time which is fab!  So you wanted to know what I’ve been up to?? Sure!  Read on!

Monday was the  5-year anniversary since 9/11. Wow, time has really flown! I haven’t been to New York in ages.  I think I was last there when my family and me were vacationing in Pennsylvania in August of1999. So when I was 16, I think.  Yeah, so some day, I’ll have to revisit, and see how the skyline has changed!  The world won’t forget 9/11.  But we won’t forget where we were when we had that black out two summers ago.  I’d love to visit New York sometime with Isaiah!

Tuesday was nothing special…but after I went to sleep that night, I apparently was dreaming about this year’s Christmas and apparently singing in my sleep. LOL. It was an interesting and fresh dream from what I usually dream about so yeah.  I think also what triggered me to have an Xmas dream is that Isaiah’s been dropping hints of what he would like for Christmas this year.  I haven’t had a clue to what I want yet.  I’m busy thinking about people’s birthdays, what I want to buy for my next VS purchase. Hehe.  But  if anything that on my top list for Christmas… to a Jessica Simpson concert/show next year but nothing’s been set according to her site and Sony.  

On Wednesday,  I left work early and I was back at the dentist for my two-cavity filling. Boring. But I was happy to have the car for work, and to the appointment. You all know how I LOVE to DRIVE! I’ve always cherished that I’ve had my license since I was 16. Being just like any other teenager back then, I wanted to get my license and I did two months after turning 16. It was a little hard because I was working full time at the office, but I made do.  Now, many years later at 23, I have my full license (well I’ve had it since 2004) J.  I have yet to purchase my own car, and I hope to do so next year. We’ll see!   After the dentist, I had a craving for Taco Bell, and went to the bank.  Paid some bills online tonight.  Random thought here! I have this clubbing craze of a fix.  I WANT to go clubbing and dress up sexy!  Anybody interested in hitting the clubs in the next few weeks. I know some people are still in school, and what not, and I don’t expect every weekend as we all don’t have the money for that anyways so but I’d love to go and it would really make me happy as I went through the WHOLE summer without clubbing nights. I haven’t had one clubbing night since I got married so pretty please.  Round me up and join me with you guys for a few hours. Nothing wrong with hanging with my beset sexy girlfriends and drinking and dancing flirty! Hehe!

 Thursday is today…nothing fabulous to report…just a regular day at work and knowning that I can’t wait for my vacation week in late November….I can’t wait to plan and do lots of things!!!!! 🙂 It’ll be an awesome time off for me!

Anyway, so that’s all updated now! Tomorrow’s TGIF! LOL. We all adore fridays, don’t we all? :). Hehe. So you’ll have to wait until Sunday probably for an weekend report or at the very latest…. Monday.  In the mean time, be groovy!

Ta-ta for now!



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