Happy Blooms!

Hi Everyone!  

Hope you all had a peachy weekend!!! Despite our sickness, we did manage to have a fun filled weekend.  So you came aknocking for some happy blooms?  You got it!

Isaiah and I went to the Knights Game Friday Night! London won!!! The score: 6-2!!!  Awesome game.  5 guys on each team were fighting at the same time (and removed in the game in 3rd period) and also 1 more guy from each team was removed earlier as well. It was CRAZY! We really enjoyed ourselves! Having some hockey action in early September. Such sweetness!

Saturday is just plain old saturday. We did our usual Grocery shopping early in the afternoon.  We also got three rolls of film developed By the way they’re now up in the “Summer 06” album. Check it out! Lots of awesome pics! Also, we got a baby shower gift for Shannon/Conner. A picture of Conner (taken at the wedding) blown up and framed and a cute little outfit to wear when he’s bigger.  Shannon will love all that for her sweet little Conner. I was looking forward to taking pictures at the shower tomorrow J.

Sunday aknocking and I had the Lexus (I love that car)!!! So I followed Violet to Shannon’s baby shower that was in Dashwood (just outside of Exeter). About 45 min drive from london.  I enjoyed my driving time, and listening to music! Shannon’s baby shower was fun. . We got a little mini blue soother thingy and it is so cute. Just a reminder of Conner.  Shannon adored the gift that I got her.  The cute little outfit (yes, I took a picture of it before I wrapped it Saturday night) and the picture of Conner.  I got to hold Conner again (I love being around that little dude!) Heehee. He was sleeping of course. Such a sleeping beauty! I took a couple pictures of him.  The shower went from 2:00-4:00.  Violet and I stayed a little a bit after the shower ended. Shannon was breastfeeding Conner as he woke up hungry, and Shannon wanted a picture taken of the three of us (Shannon, myself and Conner), but I had to leave since Violet and myself wanted to be back in London for dinner. So next time! Once I was back in London, I picked up Isaiah (he had spent the day fishing with Scott  in goderich) and we made a little stop at Mom & Dad’s to return the car and have a little visit.  It was nice.  Afterwards, we went to Violet & Scott’s house for dinner as planned. We had a good evening.  We played a round of cards and Scott won.  Wilson (the cute little puppy) wanted to be around me and have some attention LOL.  We have Wilson for ONE week next week since Violet and Scott will be away on vacation so we’ll have a temporary addition to our pet family. I hope our kitties get along with this adorable affectionate dog! J I’m hoping that we can bring Wilson to Mom & Dad’s on Sunday when we’re there for dinner.  It’ll be nice to have some dog company even though it would be only a few hours since Niko has been gone for about 8 months now.

anyway, that’s all the awesome news from the weekend. Y’all will have to wait a few days for the week’s juicies later.  in the mean time,  live all your days in happiness! 





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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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