Sky Be Your Limit! :)

Meow, Meow!!!

Hope you all are having a good first week of September!  Seems like we are (despite cooler temps and some rain!). For some people, September is really the "new" year compared to January. Everything starts fresh again and more devoted to things such as work, school, and what not.  I still think of January as the new year. I think September is just september. It may be a renewal quarter of the year, but anyways. The week started off well. Monday was Labour Day so basically I was off work and at home with my husband. We just enjoyed our day together. We don’t usually have whole days off together when it’s work days (week days). So i got to tell you, it was nice! It was also a good end to a very busy but exciting weekend!

Tuesday rolled around. My baby brother, Alex entered the high school world for the first time.  He had his first day at CCH. Congratulations Alex on being a niner! I still remember the old days spent at JPII myself. We all hated being niners, but we mad the best of it and all of our other years.  If you were to ask me which year was my best year ever? My graduation year, so the 2000-2001 academic year of being in grade 12.  I did a lot of crazy things inside and outside of JPII grounds.  I made it the best memorable year ever.  A close second would be my OAC year.  That’s the difference now and back then.  There’s no OAC year anymore. Alex will either graduate in Grade 11 or 12. It’s scary, but it happens. We all made that jump from elementary to highschool and to college/university. It’s part of our learning journey in our lives!  Anyways, i ended up being at the office until close. I hadn’t worked until close in a while, so that’s nice!

Wednesday marked Diane & Jon’s 3 year anniversary of being a couple! Congrats! I remember our 3 years so well and it was only 2 years ago (May 2004). Yes, a big part of it was getting engaged, and finally having a hotel together for 2 1/2 days.  Isaiah and I have always made the "year" anniversaries celebrated the best we can and that was the best one ever so far until we got married this year on our 5 year anniversary and having a FULL week on our honeymoon! Enjoy being in LOVE and you guys will get to where we are eventually. We totally think you guys are perfect as lovebirds to be together 😉 I also got tickets at work to attend the knights game on Friday night (knights vs windsor) at the JLC with Isaiah. So I’m looking forward to that.  We haven’t been to a game in months. I think the last one was sometime last year! So yeah… GO KNIGHTS GO!  It’ll probably be the best highlight of our coming weekend!

Today’s Thursday.  It also marks Carol’s first day at King’s College! Babe, hope you had a fantastic first day there! It’s exciting yet scary to be in the university world for the first time, but hang in there babe. Your a smart cookie!  I can’t wait to rejoin the campus to be around you for the 2007-2008 academic year (next september!).  After work, I picked up some more bc pills. I usually get a batch of three months worth so that I don’t have to go back there a lot and you know that we’re not ready to become pregnant yet. *sticks out tongue* LOL.

So, exciting things on our plate this weekend. The Knights game as I already mentioned for tomorrow night and I am going to a baby shower for Shannon (gifts for Conner) on Sunday with Isaiah’s mom, Violet so it should be interesting. Nothing exciting is really planned for Saturday aside from our bi weekly grocery shopping trip and getting a baby gift for Conner (Toys R Us are the best places to get gifts for newborns and kiddies!).

Okay, so that’s enough to make your life complete for a while. Hope the week ends on a sweet note for you and wishing you a wonderful weekend to enjoy! Be back later!

With my love,



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