Labor Day Cattitude!

Hi Everyone!

Hope you all are having such a fantastic long weekend! We are as well considering that we have had two exciting days this weekend too and just a normal Friday night and Monday but we’re not at work. Btw, welcome September 2006!  Wow, it’s unbelivable that it’s here already.  It also feels FALL already weather-wise. We’ve had some cooler days this past week.  Damn! I wish it was like WARM all year round! Oh well.  We’re in that part of the globe that goes through four seasons!  

So anyway. I know you guys are dying to know how the weekend’s been peachy thus far! So read below and it should filfill your taste buds! Isaiah and I went to the gym once again on Thursday night. Another one of those "hour" workouts!  I was sore for Friday’s work day at the office but ah well. I managed just fine.

Friday night rolls around. I hung out with Carol for like two hours in the evening.  We went to the mall and chapters.  We would have had a longer time, but we both got so tired. It’s been a busy week for the both of us. So we might try to hang on Monday (she has the whole weekend off work!).  

Saturday was one of those exciting days. I say this becuse it was Uncle Shawn & Theresa’s wedding! It was a lot of fun. I wore the burgundy top and black skirt as planned. I looked sexy!  I Isaiah wore one of his new blue shirts that he got just before he started TD and his black dress pants. Very sexy!  The ceremony was changed. It was originally going to be outside at the couple’s house but it was raining so the wedding got moved to where the reception was going to be.  So upstairs of a hockey arena in Tavistock.  It wasn’t bad actually. It was a short ceremony like about ½ hour.  Uncle Shawn looked really nervous.  Theresa looked ravishing in her red bridal dress.  Very Purdy!  Of course, we took pictures.  Then there were some snacks and non-alcoholic drinks served and then the actual reception started.  So dinner was a buffet. There was cake also as dessert.  There weren’t many speeches. Just the MC, the bride and groom, and I believe Theresa’s mother and Shawn’s brother in law, Uncle Ted.  Then the dance started about 8:30 and it went on…until whatever. We left at 1 AM. We had a lot of fun actually. I got to dance a few times with my husband, some of the cousins (Shannon, Sharmane, Lindsay, Chelsea) and Violet’s Mom, Ashley (Isaiah’s step sister). I also danced with Uncle Ted.  We took just little more than one roll of film for the wedding. So it’ll be fantastic to see how they turned out!  Oh yeah, I also want to point out that I got to spend time with Shannon’ new baby boy, Conner.  LOL. IT was GREAT! People at the wedding kept asking about Conner as if HE was mine! LOL. SO cute!  Isaiah’s mom was like when??? We were like yeah, just give us a couple years or so and you’ll have a granddaughter or grandson. Whichever comes first! 

Sunday brought on another exciting sunshine!  It was the Bialkowski Labor day weekend BBQ/swim party at the Maitland house! It was a lot of fun. We got there just before 3 and left at 8:30. IT was great. We got to see practically everyone except for Cousins Jess and Joey. We got to see Michelle & Ryan’s wedding pictures (500 photos!). My goodness. IT was all beautifully done though. And we found that there was two pics snapped of Isaiah and me at the wedding so awesomeness!  Heehee.  There were a bunch of pictures taken by Aunt Kathy so I found more of me in it with all the cousins and there’s this purdy awesome picture of Ryan and I dancing later in the night so I’m getting a copy of that one! I took pictures at the get together, but not much as I took last night at the wedding. I got some kisses from Jill’s little girl, Emily (she’s three now). So adorable. If I ask for a kiss, she gives me one on the lips and it’s just so cute. Oh to report of how many pictures are ready to be taken in for developing??? 3 freaking rolls and that’s all in one weekend! LOL. We have to wait though, but that’s okay. We can deal!  You bet there’ll be a lot of scanning in the coming weeks to come though :).  After the family party, we left to join Scott Summers, Adam, and Adam’s GF, Amanda, Alan and Amanda at the Palisad for some pool. We were there a good hour. I got two drinks of sex on the beach :).  It was fun. We would have gone to Adam’s place afterwards, but Isaiah wanted to spend the rest of our night at home, which is fine too.  We just relaxed and watched a movie, and got tired enough halfway through and went to sleep. Oh btw, we find out at the family party that we’re having Thanksgiving dinner on October 8th in Sarnia at Aunt Kathy & Uncle Lonnie’s house and it’s being potluck. So we’ll have to bring something, but that’s okay.  It should be another fabulous family get together. Our family has expanded so much this year with Isaiah and Ryan being part of the the family as they got married to me and Michelle.  I found out that Michelle and I might experience another thing together in a couple years. Ryan said that they weren’t planning on having kids for another two years that is pretty much on par with us.  It would be so interesting when we get down that road if Michelle and I are expecting at the same time!  Keep in mind that Michelle and Ryan are three years older than we are though but I guess we have the same goals in common despite the age gap!

So that what’s been keeping this long weekend a gem so far!   Yeah. September is bringing on more excitement.  On Wednesday, it’s Di &Jon’s three year dating anniversary! Congrats guys! Di turns 23 on the 21st and Marky turns 24 on the 22nd.  I get to have my marky day on the 30th. I’m sure there’ll be a lot more exciting stuff all in between those days!  Oh yeah…. we found out yesterday that Dylan’s cat, Hazy is pregnant.  She’s almost due. In about a week and half (they found out like last week at the vet and have been noticing signs for most of the summer anyways).  So if it all works out, we may have another kitten joining our family for FREE but we’ll see!

Alright, enjoy this fabulous day off and oh yes, I want to wish all those who are back at school this week with all the best of luck and success!  Alex starts high school at CCH tomorrow!  I’m so excited for you, Alex!   High school years are always the best years ever!  Carol starts her first year at Kings College (associated with Western) on Thursday.  Carol, I’ll be returning next year, and will get to graduate with you 😉 I’m so thrilled for you!  Jon, who’s returning to Huron College (UWO) Thursday as well. Hang in there!

Oh also speaking of schools…..Michelle’s teaching Grade 1’s this year!!! That’s awesome!  LOL. I have lots of family and friends who are teachers! Hehe.  So i’m signing off for the time being… look back in a few days!  





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