A Note Toasted With Fun!!! :)

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone’s having a fantastic week! We seem to be too. Sunday marked our 3 month anniversary as a married couple! Wow! The whole summer has flew by. 3 more months until we celebrate our 6 month anniversary which is November 27! Can’t wait!  However we didn’t do anything special or anything that sort for this 3 months. Just relaxed at home all day and also did some cleaning around the house.

Monday…..we find out that Tammy 2 is leaving Sutton for another job. Her last day is Sept 8 (the day of the annual charity golf tourney that the office does every year).   That night, we just relaxed a lot.  

Isaiah and I made another trek to the gym on Tuesday night. So yup, anothe one of those "hour" work outs!  I felt superb!!!! We’ll go again on Thursday!  I’m so glad I have returned to the gym.. I’ve been with good life since October 5, 2003 (yes, that’s my "gym" anniversary). It can’t be thee years already but not that I’ve been really on and off with working out stuff within those three years so yeah! I’m excited to feel more fit and to be losing weight. Remember that goal that i mentioned awhile back about wanting to be at "pre-prego" weight of 125. I’ll now be able to get there gradually and I’ll soon start taking those prenatnal vitimins so that i’m "baby-ready" when we do decide that we’re ready for TTC (which I know it’s not gonna happen for at least a couple years due to other dreams to be taken care of first). I also did some more cleaning around the house and did some dishes. 

Today’s Wednesday. I left the office at 4 so that mom and I could do some cleaning and etc for my living room. We had to tie this time with Alex’s hockey practice so yeah. But we got it all done in a couple hours and accomplished. So it’s looking really good!  I just talked to Christine….We might get to hang out soon…something along of dinner and she has our wedding pictures to show me so I can’t wait to see her.  We might also go see Sarah when she has her baby which within the next couple weeks. We grew up with her so it would make sense! 🙂 Not much else happening tonight…just pure relaxation!

We have some excitement coming up for the long weekend…Another "family" wedding to go to..this time for Uncle Shawn and his soon to be wife, Theresa. Should be a lot of fun. Can’t wait to dress up! I’m wearing that burgendy top that i bought a couple weeks back and my black dressy skirt that i wore for michelle’s wedding. :D.  Yes, sexy bombshell that I am.  Sunday’s also filled with excitemen too because my parents have decided to host a "labour day weekend" bbq/swim type of party for my mom’s side of the family so yes, we’ll get to see my girl cousins (and Kevin!) and all the aunts & uncles.   Of course, I’m the cameraholic for both days!!!! Both Isaiah and myself have monday off naturally so we’re spending the day together at home 🙂

Anyway, that’s all the craze for now in sexy Jules’ life!!!! Tune in for some more sometime over the long weekend! In the mean time, soak up the rest of summer that’s left. Enjoy it to the last drop!

Love ya all lots,  



p.s. it would be great if you guys could listen to 103.5 all week and try to win me exculsive passes to a rollerskating party with Jessica Simpson (held Sept 5 in Mississauga). If not, not a big deal. I’d love to see her if she ever does go on tour for her new cd, APublic Affair 🙂


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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