A Fragrance of Saturday :)

Hi Everyone!

Hope’s everyone’s having a fantastic weekend so far! We are!  So you rang for a fix??? Well here i am!

On Thursday night, I had an hour visit with Carol since she had family over at her house. She plans to make it up to me next week with longer time. Can’t wait for that! After the girls visit ended, I got our grocery shopping done for the next two weeks with Isaiah so we have our food J

Friday, Isaiah and I basically chilled at home. However my VS order that was done on Sunday was shipped on Wednesday and it came to our apartment today. I swear, every time I shop online there, it gets here even faster. Not even a week! LOL J I got three things this time, and I did the sales thing as well so I got red lingerie that was on SALE for like 15 bucks, a navy v-neck sweatshirt (28) and a black backless top that was for about 20 bucks. Heehee. I love them all but now I have to pay off my credit card before I can order more things again, but that’s okay. I’m set for a while. I’ve been on this crazy shopping spree for this month so I’m pretty set for September (work and casual & dressy wise) so I won’t need clothes, but I do need new shoes (work & running shoes) and there’s birthdays coming up (Diane’s on Sept 21 and Marky on Sept 22).  

Today’ is Saturday. Well, Grand Bend didn’t happen as planned. No car (parents ended up having plans to use the cars and people were unable to attend. Oh well. Next year, it has to be a party!  This afternoon, Isaiah and I went to the gym. IT was fabulous!. To be honest, I haven’t really gone in almost a year. Yeah, that’s how busy I have been. Things are starting to slow down again, so I thought, what the heck! Get active in there again. So we worked out for a whole hour! I worked on the machines for your arms and legs like the leg extensions, arm curl, bicep press and etc. I also did 30 minutes of cardio. Overall, my arms and legs were totally sore, but I got more energy for the rest of the day so that’s awesome. We plan to go again Monday night, after work. Later, I looked online for Toronto stuff as now we’re thinking of planning a day trip for sometime in October or November since it didn’t happen this summer as originally planned. No specific date has been set yet. I do want to go shopping in the Eaton Mall and have selected some stores to check out/shop in. In the evening, we’ll either go clubbing or see a show or see the CN Tower and maybe eat in the tower’s restaurant but we’ll see. I just know that we’ll probably get to Toronto really early in the morning and return to London that same night but really late.  We also ordered in Swiss Chalet for dinner. Yummy. I do want to go in the actual restaurant for dinner sometime soon though.  That’s about all that’s happened so far tonight.  I don’t think there will be much else of excitement for the rest of the evening as the only thing on our agenda is just relaxing !

So anyway, so that’s all that’s hoppin at the moment. More excitement barks to come in the next few days! In the mean time, enjoy the rest of the weekend to the fullest!



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