Loads Of Hugs Coming Your Way!!!! :)

Hi Peeps!

Hope your week’s been fantastic! It’s been an interesting week so far! We got some new work shirts for Isaiah to start off a good impression at his new job which he begins Monday morning! I was excited for him.  Later that day,  Carol came to visit at 5:30 and we hung out for like 3 hrs tonight! We had an awesome time! Just chatted a lot, and burned some more DVDs for her!  I see her again on Thursday! Can’t wait. I never get enough of seeing this hyper chick 😉

Monday was  Isaiah’s 1st day at TD Waterhouse! He had a good first day. Lots of new stuff but that’s what we figured anyway. He’ll get the hang of things soon! Also, Jill & Bill have been married for 7 years as of today! Congrats! (Wed back in August 1999).  

Last night (Tues),  Mom & I did the cleaning and organizing of our kitchen for 2-½ hours. We got a lot done. It looks so much better now J. Another room will be done next week. Makes me feel i’m a better wife in a way. Even though, i’m not really much of the traditional wife LOL! 

Today’s Wednesday. I left work early (just before 3 PM) to go to the dentist with Dentist with Mom & Alex at Dr. Lewis. We all had bad reviews, but ah well. I have to go back Sept 13 for my two cavities and apparently, I have to see this dentist every three months until my gums are better (UGH!). Makes me want to work twice as hard on my teeth now so i can just stick to the usual 6 month check up!  But that’s only downer i’ve had all week so hopefully, things blossom up more good news as the week journeys on!

Anyway, that’s all what’s meowing at this time. I’ve started to think about school, and even though I’ve chosen to take this year off in order to get our first house (which i don’t regret because i only have a year left). I looked online again and see what my credit standing was at in terms of academics and it is what i thought. 4 1/2 credits left so i’m planning on seeing my cousellor sometime in SEptember/October to see what my choices are for next year (i’m thinking of returning for Summer 2007 and should be graduating in May/June 2008). I’m thinking like 2 courses in the summer and take the remaining the 2 1/2 courses in the fall. I had awesome success with the online course which was feminist anthropology so i’m hoping that something can be worked out where I can take some of those courses as distance studies (online) and i know that i can acheive so much by doing classes ONLINE! I just want to be done with school soon. If everything goes our way for getting a house and a car and graduating all by the end of 2008, we can start trying for a family. I totally can see myself expecting at 26!  Right now though, I am still enjoying being full time admin assistant at Sutton-Select and will enjoy it through until i’m officially back with Western (and will drop back down to part time for one year until my graduation!).

We’re starting to plan out the rest of the year…. i think by Labour Day we’ll have it all figured out.  The rest of the year should be exciting as it has been so far!  We’ll be married for 3 months on Sunday! I mentioned to Isaiah as for our V-day celebration (February), we should treat each other to "couples" spa day. We’ve never been to one before and it would be fun!  We’ll plan something else less expensive for our 6 month anniv this November though… probably dinner and a movie because there’s Carol’s birthday and Isaiah’s birthday all in between! LOL

Alright. Enjoy the rest of your week! I’ll drop in again sometime this weekend! Until then, keep reachin’ for the stars!





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