The Scoop Of The Day! :)

Hi Peeps!

It’s been a busy week and for the weekend as well! Hope you guys have had a wonderful week too! Husky’s currently curled up on top of this drawer organization thingy next to this computer desk. Such an adorable kitty!  So I heard an new blog was calling for me to write so here I am! Let’s travel back to Wednesday! That evening, Mom and I cleaned and organized more of the kitty room for 2 hours in the evening.  Good progress! We’ll do another room at a later date. More bonding of mother/daughter time!

The next night,  I mde plans to see Carol for next Thursday. The plans were done via MSN J can’t wait for our hangout!  I love seeing my hyper chick 😀

I came home after work on Friday to see that  Isaiah made dinner for us : D What a sweetheart! Afterwards, we obtained the Lexus at 6:30 from Dylan. We went shopping at Masonville and I got a few things J. We made a stop to see Isaiah’s mom for a few minutes. Violet & Scott finally named their new puppy, Wilson. He’s so friendly, and so cute. They’re planning on getting another puppy that would be female so the two dogs can mate…if they make puppies, we’ll get one J

Saturday was totally a big adventure day! We got a call just after 9 AM (we were already awake)  that Shannon (Isaiah’s cousin) was at Victoria Hospital here in London (we knew we’d get a call within two weeks or so as she was pregnant and was due anytime now). Apparently, Shannon’s water broke at 1:30 AM at home in Exeter and she was finally at the hospital at 3 AM. (Shannon’s due date was September 2nd). Her new baby boy, Conner arrived at 11:08 AM this morning and at 6lbs! We arrived there at just before noon, and we got to see her and the baby! I had the camera with me so I took pictures!!! J I even got to hold Conner! Conner is so CUTE and so perfect. He didn’t cry and he was awake and smiling J.  He has only cried once when he came out but that’s it.

After we left the hospital, we drove to Grand bend. We were there because there was an family/friends celebration for Joey in terms of her new university teaching job. Apparently, we arrived before my parents even did LOL. Hehe. So, we were there for about an hour.  We found out that Cousin Brian and Amy are expecting their 2nd child in January (apparently, they found out in June and they find out this coming Tuesday of the baby’s sex and to confirm the actual EDD for January). I’m excited for them! Their first kid, Brennan was born last May (May 13, 2005—I believe). I know this happened just after Isaiah and I had moved in together). Brennan is so adorable! 

We left Grand Bend to go for our shopping Trip to Port Huron which was good. I can finally say that I’ve now actually driven on my own to the border and that Isaiah’s been in the states J The border stuff isn’t scary now J We only got a couple things but it’s only because the actual VS store is smaller than we thought and they don’t have everything as per the stuff they sell via the internet so we didn’t get anything there. I was disappointed but anyway, as soon we got back home, I ordered three new things online and all were sales so I’m happier now J. No more shopping for a while (for me anyway). Hehe.

Overall, I enjoyed the highway driving adventure. I love driving, and I ADORE the freedom on the highways…I do have the NEED FOR SPEED! LOL. We still want to go to Toronto, so hopefully in September or October at the latest and do more shopping and actually do some sightseeing if we can before the winter hits! Seriously, we haven’t been to t-dot since January 2004! (so just little over two years now). My goodness!

So that’s what’s kept us busy for the last few days! It’s Sunday now but i’m going to leave today’s dibs and beyond for the next blog.  Hope your weekend ends in a good bang! 🙂 LOL.  Look up the sky and choose a star and make a wish 😉 Have a great day & night!

Peace & Love,




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