Jules’ Picture Perfect Tuesday! :)

Hi Summer Lovers!!!


Hope everyone’s been having a  August Cool week! Hehe. Seems to be for me so far thus week!  Let’s go back and catch up on the weekend that just went past okay??? Sounds good!  Here we go!


We went to  my parent’s house after work for celebrating Dad’s birthday early  on Friday night(His birthday is actually the next morning but he’s going away on a bike trip for a few days so yeah that’s why).  It was fun.  Mom and I caught up on a few things.  Chatted with everyone. Had Chinese food for dinner. After that Dad opened his presents and have the usual birthday cake.  Cute cake with music on it.  Eventually, Isaiah and I went hot tubing and Alex later joined us.  Not long after that, Shadow came home so I got to see him for a few minutes (MEOW). Heehee.  Then, Mom took Isaiah and I home.  So we were really there from 5:30 until about 10 PM… pretty good night.  Isaiah and I then got comfy and watched the season 2 of The 4400 (well some of it) and went to bed.  It’s been pretty much almost 7 months since Niko passed away and I still think about him.  The whole family still misses him.  I know for Isaiah and myself, we eventually want to have a poodle just like Niko (once we’ve gotten our house and a backyard of course)


Saturday afternoon was busy for us. We got our grocery shopping done. After unloading groceries at home, we went to White Oaks mall again. I ran into my very pregnant long time friend, Sarah (she’s due next month) at Wal-Mart. I last saw her in February when she was just barely showing (she had just found out at the time) and she couldn’t come to our wedding due to pregnancy complications. Anyway, I hope to be there for the birth of her first child next month J. Got pics developed from last month (the last bit of July) and bought a gray tee. That’s it.


We made an decison on Sunday that instead of Toronto for the following Saturday—the 19th, that we’d attend two parties (one in London & one in Grand Bend—family related celebrations) and also make an shopping trip to Port Huron (we really want to get out of London even if it’s only for a few hours and check out new stores. New clothes for me to buy and maybe something new for Isaiah!) Later that night, we had dinner with Isaiah’s parents and met the new family dog (the other dog passed away about two weeks ago).


Nothing special really happened yesterday. Just Worked until 5:45 PM though. Just relaxed for the rest of the night. Might see carol within the next week before she starts university at Kings. Very proud of her though! Btw, one more week until Isaiah starts his new job at TD!!!! 🙂


Tuesday is today. I had the day off to be with my mom. We went into St. Thomas this morning to order the pictures. Be ready about early September.  Came back into L-dot after. Checked out Home Sense. I thought about looking at other stores, but decided to hold off as I really want to have $$ to go shopping in Port Huron so yeah, we just went into my home area and had lunch at this little place in Wortley Village which was really nice and I tried this new drink. Sea Breeze. Really good and had seafood salad. My mother had salmon salad.  Then she came back to my apartment and picked out a room to help organize with me which will be tomorrow night and I led her some hairstyle magazines for her to choose for her next haircut which she plans to have within the next few days as I want to wait until September to have mine done.  We had nice conversations about some things over our time together which was really nice.  We thought that we should have this mother/daughter time once a month that seems pretty fair. I know we see each other when it comes to Sunday night dinners (which usually twice a month depending on schedules and such) and sometimes at work, but it’s not the same.  I have the same “once a month” plan with Carol effective September when school gets rolling for her and things will get tough again to get together so that once a month plan is good enough even though we’d like to have more hang outs than that.  I know that in November, we’ll get lucky with her birthday and possibly my time off.   So yeah, that’s what’s new!


So there you go… all updated for now.  More life excitements to come in the next few days. In the mean time, enjoy the august sunshine, and be yourself!


With Love,






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